Turmeric is one of the well-known herbs that are found mostly in India and Pakistan. It is also known as curcuma longa. It is a type of lasting herbaceous plant. It is used very commonly in Indian food. In past days people make use of turmeric to cure many of the ailments. It is also used to make many of the Ayurvedic medicines. Turmeric contains magnesium, potassium, iron and fiber. People make use of turmeric powder on faces to get glamorous look and to avoid pimples.

It is also used to manufacture skin products and creams to bring fairness to the skin. In India curcuma lone is used in many of the traditions and ceremony. They start their day by using turmeric since they believe as the luckiest color. Indian people found turmeric as one of the special spices because their food doesn’t get complete without it. People keen to use turmeric in almost all the cooking food stuffs. Today not so common, but previously people make the uses of turmeric to treat various illnesses to get cured from pain, wounds, wrench and aches.

It has also been used to treat the skin difficulty like scabies, chicken pox, allergy, eczema and shingles. Turmeric can be characterized by various ecological effects it is an anti-biotic, anti-septic, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-viral, etc.  Here is the list of some syndromes that can be cured by using turmeric.

•    Decreases the progress of cancer
Many of the researchers had found that turmeric use to bring down the growth of cancer. An active element of turmeric helps to protect against tumor cells. It minimizes the progress stage of cancer called colon cancers, breast cancers and leukemia. Turmeric is anti-carcinogenic. Some of the scientist has admitted that usage of curcuma lower the risk of cervical cancer. This difficulty is mostly found in women. It can be cured by treating it in the initial steps.

•    Helps in minimizing the weight
Scientist stated that turmeric hold back the cells, which increases the obesity level. Turmeric is used to minimize the obesity and weight related problem. It is also used to minimize the swelling in the organs like liver, heart, muscles, etc.
•    Turmeric minimizes the risk of diabetes -2

In most of the cases it has been seen that curcuma minimizes the risk of diabetes -2 levels. Consuming the turmeric two times in a day could help you to bring down the level of diabetes. It also maintains the blood sugar level.

•    It assist to recover from rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is the syndrome that is mostly found in older people. In olden days people make the use of curcuma to cure the hit of rheumatoid arthritis. The researcher also stated that usage of turmeric paste could reduce the progress of arthritis. It does apply to remove the wrench and to reduce the pain from the body.

•    Strengthen the immune system
An adequate use of turmeric encourages the immune system of the body. It brings more activeness to perform various tasks. If your immune system is good then you may hardly get affect because of any diseases.

•    It maintain the level of cholesterol
Increase in the level of cholesterol may result in many of the cardiovascular disease. Maintain adequate level of the cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attacks. The investigator has confirm that a usage of a bit curcuma every day in the food maintain the cholesterol level.

•    It assists to guard Alzheimer’s syndrome.
As we know that brain plays a very significant role amongst all the organs of the body. Usage of turmeric brings down the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It makes the brain healthier and sharper. It develops smooth flow of blood toward the brain.

•    Recover digestion system
The component that present in the turmeric assists to recover the digestion system. In olden days people use to make tablet of turmeric to avoid the disorder like ulcers, gallbladders, etc. it does use to diminish the stomach pain and joints pain. Sometime an excessive consuming of curcuma may result in stomach disorder or diarrhea. The women who are pregnant are suggested to use less intensity of turmeric. An excessive use of turmeric may affect the gallbladder and could create gastro problem.

•    Quick wounds Recover
In past days people use turmeric to recover from the wounds. It is scientifically proven that turmeric assist to recover from the wounds quickly. Turmeric is an antiseptic and ant-infected herb that are use to cure not only wounds but also viral infections like fever, cold skin rashes, etc.

•    It improves liver disorders
In olden days people use to prefer the home natural remedies to get cure from various ailment since the lack of doctors. People make the use of turmeric to get cure from liver disorders. It is scientifically proven that turmeric could be an effective drug called ant fibrotic and fibrolite to treat the chronic hepatic syndromes. These drugs perhaps bring down the threat of liver diseases.

•    Strengthen the skeleton and joints
It has been acknowledge that turmeric increase the strength power of skeleton and joints of the body. Usage of ½ spoon of turmeric in milk everyday in night and in the morning may decrease the pain of the body and sustain healthy bones. In previous days people were so usual to follow this treatment to cure the pains of the body.

•    Hair removal

In olden days people use turmeric paste to remove the hair. Make a Mixture of 1 tablespoon of black grams flour, curd some pinch of turmeric. Apply it on the body to remove hairs. Once it complete get dry mildly rub the paste out. It is one of the natural skin care remedies.