Q. Are all the Generic products at GenericViagraWorld.com reliable and safe to use?

A. All the Generic products sold at GenericViagraWorld.com are 100% safe and reliable. We believe in providing our customers with genuine product that are safe and secured for their treatment. the Generic drug that we deal with are exact replica of their branded counterpart when it comes to the product quality, purity and effectiveness.

Q. How to you define Generic drugs?

A. Generic medication is Generic equivalent of the brand name drugs. They contain similar chemical ingredients in the same concentration. Generic drugs are equivalent to branded drug in all the possible ways such as dosing, safety, and the quality.

The main difference between both the versions is their price and appearances. Generic medications are cheaper and easily accessible then the branded drug.

Q. Why Generic Drugs are sold so cheap?

A. Begin the Generic counterpart, its original manufactures has already spent a large amount of money on its research and development, marketing and advertisement, which the Generic manufactures do not have to do.

Thus, the money saved from all these areas help the Generic manufactures to sell their version at a much lower price.

Q. How do I place my for Generic drugs order online?

A. To shop on GenericViagraWorld.com the only thing that you need to do is register and log in.

You can either do this before you start to shop or at the end when you make a decision to checkout. Whichever way, for this we only need a password and a couple of basic information from you.

Just follow a few simple steps to place the order:

  • Create a Log-In to our Homepage by providing us with a unique USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • If you are a New-User then you need to first register yourself, by providing us with some basic details such as your name and address for hassle-free shipping.
  • Select the desired PRODUCT >> Click on “Add to Cart” and continue with the further steps to Make the Payments.

These are the simple steps to place a hassle-free order with us.

Q. How can I confirm that the order I placed online went through?

A. Once your order has been successfully placed; you will receive a verification/conformation email from our customer support tea. This email will contain a detailed invoice about your order. After this, the order is then forwarded to the Shipping Department for dispatch.

Once the order is dispatch, you will receive the second email notification that will contain your Order Tracking Number.

Q. What Next, after placing the order successfully?

A. Once you have place the order successfully, you will receive an email from our customer support team. It will contain a detailed invoice about your order. The order is then forwarded to the shipment Department for dispatch.

Once the order is shipped by us you will receive the second mail with your Order Tracking No.

Q. How can I track the order location?

A. Once the order is successful dispatched for shipping it is very simple to track your order position.

You can call our Customer Support Team or directly call on the given order Tracking Number to know your order location.

Q. How can I withdraw the order once placed and confirmed?

A. You can get in touch with our Customer Support Team with 24-Hrs after placing the order.

Your order withdrawal request may not be accepted after 24-Hrs of placing the order. It is them accepted as confirmed order.

Q. What are the different modes of payments that you accept?

A. We accept payments done through, Visa Electron, Visa Credit Card/Debit Card, E-Checks and  Wire Transfer.

Q. Do you charge your products only in US Dollars?

A. We charge only in one currency i.e. US Dollar. This is due to the fact that we are open for international user and since we have customers from all over the world, for this reason we have chosen one common currency, which is the US Dollar.

Q. Are there any hidden charges that you may charge us?

A. We do not charge you anything extra/additional to what is mentioned on our site.

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