A birth of a child changes the world of the mother. It brings more caring, bothering, love, happiness, which a mother’s love to do for her child. Pregnancy is one of the biggest processes, which a woman faces happily. Taking care during pregnancy is one of the toughest things. One needs to decide, how to eat? How much to eat? What to eat and what not to eat? When to eat? Etc. The whole procedure is for the baby inside the womb. Further, once the baby delivered the care increase more. Before delivery women need to maintain a healthy diet for the baby, and after delivery or during the process of breast feeding, women need to avoid foods, which may harm the baby. However, one need to cut down some food stuffs during the process of breast feeding. The lists of those foodstuffs are listed below.

• Avoiding consuming excessive caffeine
If, you are caffeine fonder than please keep hold for some months; since, consuming caffeine during breastfeeding may harm the baby. Caffeine carries some advantages, but many disadvantages, whose excessive intake may harm the health, badly. However, consuming coffee in moderation will do to some extent, but it’s over consumption may bring some difficulties? Take a gap of at least 6 months to consume coffee or else in case, your child is allergic to caffeine then do avoid consuming coffee still the last stage of breastfeeding. It depends upon the child bearing ability; some child is so sensitive that they get infected soon. Consume caffeine; if, your child carry bearing ability or else avoid its consumption. However, a new born baby carries a very weak digestive system, which fails to digest everything. It takes at least 6-7 months to improve their digestive system. Hence, avoiding such caffeine contain stuff would be beneficial, for the baby.

• Avoid mercury loaded fish
Consuming fish thrice in a week has been suggested, but that should be rich in omega 3 fatty acids. However, consuming mercury contains fish should be avoided; since, it is harmful for the health. Especially, a breastfeeding mother should avoid such fish; since, it may harm the baby. Mercury is a component that is found in the fish, which may lead to brain and nerve disorders. Moreover, it’s a suggestion for the pregnant and breastfeeding women to avoid eating mercury contained fish; since, this may bring many defects in the children. However, consuming fish during pregnancy is good, but it should not be much mercury contained one. Women need to be more cautious during breastfeeding time; since, newborn baby is more likely to get ill.

• Fatty foods
Avoid eating fatty foods during breast feeding. Try to consume healthy diet including fruits, so that your child could get sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and protein. Consuming fatty foods bring many health disorders to your child like obesity, improper digestive system, blood pressure issue, improper flow of blood, and many other health defaults. An unhealthy diet may enhance the risk of unhealthy pregnancy, and healthy diet promotes healthy pregnancy. A woman, who maintains a healthy diet, may get normal delivery. Moreover, eating a healthy diet during breast feeding helps improve the growth of the children. A diet procedure of mother’s means a lot for the child’s development. Hence, the mother should maintain a diet, which is beneficial for her baby. We can say, mother a great sacrificial woman. Who sacrifices many things from early pregnancy to delivery, still breast feeding?

• Avoid consuming citric contains stuff
Consuming orange in moderation during breast feeding will do, but it should be good to avoid extreme citric rich stuff during breastfeeding; since, its excessive intake may give some harm effect, to the baby.

• Avoid consuming cold things
If, you are a breastfeeding mother than avoid consuming cold stuff; since, this may cause cold cough to the baby. Cold water, cold drinks, ice cubes, etc. may infect the baby. Hence, try to consume such things in the room temperature level; since, it stabilizes the body temperature, which not only good for the mother, but for the baby as well.

• Avoid consuming spicy things
I know the spicy foods taste very good, but for the child you have to stay away from it for some time; since, consuming spicy foods during the breast feeding period may lead to diarrhea, irritating bowel, and improper digestion system in the child. It not only affects the child, but also affects the mother. Hence, a woman must avoid eating spicy food during breastfeeding.

• Avoid drinking alcohol
‘Alcohol a slow poison of early death’; consuming alcohol during pregnancy may lead to miscarriage and many defects in the developing baby called brain disorders, feeble bones, weak organs, etc. Moreover, consuming alcohol during breastfeeding may bring many health disorders in the baby. More chances for the baby to become alcoholic in the future. Further, weak memory power, inactive immune system, weak organs, sensitive skin, etc. could take place in the baby, if alcohol consumed during the breastfeeding period. These cases are mostly seen in foreign countries. I would suggest avoiding alcohol consumption at least in pregnancy and breast feeding stage to get the healthy and active baby. A woman who wanted to get healthy delivery, then ‘say no to alcohol’?

• Avoid smoking
Smoking is another dangerous life taking stuff, which leads to early death in the people. Most of the women are found addicted to smoking. This is harmful for their present and future. Smoking decreases the pregnancy chances, and in case if you will get pregnant, you may face miscarriages, and if you get the baby, then your baby may face many health disorders. Moreover, smoking during breastfeeding may damage the organs of your baby and results unhealthy immune system.