A change in diet is indispensable to increase weight. There is no meaning if you join weight training program or gym without consuming appropriate food. Those who desire to gain weight should consume the appropriate high calorie food. Having knowledge about what foods help to improve weight is obligatory to observe healthy change in the body. In order to gain weight underweight people makes every possible effort and sometimes even give preference to consumption of unhealthy foods also. Further, these unhealthy intakes of food give rise to other health issues. While achieving aim of weight gain, try best to stay physically active as well.

Although, consumption of excessive calorie is prime necessity to accomplish the goal of weight gain, but at the same time it should receive from a healthy food. It is always unwise to incorporate fast food as they holds calorie in rich concentration and such foodstuff also result in obesity. It would better if you tried to develop a muscular frame instead of becoming obese as they help you to carry out daily task easily. The chances are high that including calories unconsciously in your diet may grow your body out of shape. This in turn gives an open invitation to threat of cardiac disease and severe ailments like diabetes.

People grievous about gaining weight should enhance their meal frequency. One should try best to have 6 meals instead of eating 3 on a daily basis. One can easily increase weight by eating 6 small meals like dinner, lunch, breakfast and 3 small meals. There must be a standard gap of 2.5-3 hours between each meal. Also, give first priority do drinking ample of water and fresh fruit juices to beat dehydration.


  • Best foods:-

A diet enriched with carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins is essential to increase weight in the appropriate manner. It is mandatory to find foods that are high in these nutrients. Foods laden with protein will definitely permit the body to increase muscle mass without accumulating too much fat. Protein is abundantly present in milk and drinking milk after exercising assist to encourage the development of muscles. Protein bars and protein shakes can also lead to accelerate the muscle development. Including powdered milk to sauces and soup is best way to raise calorie consumption. Foods loaded with protein that encourage weight gain in a healthy manner include dairy products, fish, low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. Chicken without skin also contains an excellent source of protein. Other meat and poultry products packed with protein also promote overall health that consists of rabbits and turkey. Sunflower seeds, eggs and nuts also packed with rich source of protein. Inclusion of these food items in diet is fundamental to gain weight naturally. If you don’t prefer consuming raw almonds, then you can give priority to its tastier version and almond butter is good example of it.

  • Fat foods:-

While choosing foods to increase weight, it is mandatory to obviate intake of saturated fat foods to stay away from numerous health associated disorders. Saturated fat is responsible for increasing cholesterol level in the blood which further enhances the possibilities of cardiac diseases. Skimmed milk holds an enough amount of protein and no fat. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, fish, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, seeds, butter and cashew nuts are best example of healthy fat foods. Cold pressed oil elicited from seeds like sunflower and safflower are also comes under list of healthy fat foods. Health expert frequently suggests utilize cold pressed olive oil for cooking. Anyone seeking for gaining weight must include these healthy fat foods into the diet. Dressing salad with olive oil is best way to include healthy fat to your diet.

  • Carbohydrate foods:-

Weight gain diet is just incomplete without carbohydrate foods. In fact, it is vital part of it. Carbohydrates provide the body enough amount of energy to execute daily task. Vegetables and fruits are believed to be greater source of carbohydrates. Vegetables like spinach, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes contains high amount of protein. One has to eat fruits such as mangoes, apples, pineapples, oranges, papaya and avocado to increase carbohydrates to the diet. Whole grain and brown rice are other superior sources of carbohydrates. Whole wheat pastas and whole wheat bread in sufficient amount is finest example of a healthy and nutritious breakfast. A perfect healthy snack, enriched with carbohydrates includes eating of grapes, bananas and dried fruits. You can include dried fruits to daily salads and yogurt to promote your healthy calorie consumption.


Only choosing right food does not matter as following appropriate cooking method is also necessary. The habit of consuming fried food items must be thrown away or else choose healthy cooking options like stewing, broiling, grilling, steaming and baking. Besides, consuming the appropriate food, workouts must also be vital factor to obtain the expected outcomes. Workouts that assist to build muscle mass are critically needed to gain weight. Hence, apart from increasing protein consumption, prefer weight lifting exercises like dead lifts, bench press, bent-over rows and squats to achieve muscles. Incapability to increase weight has frequently been assigned to lack of hunger, regardless of eating nutrient dense food. Not feeling starving during meal times is mostly because of sedentary lifestyle. Hence, start the day with an exercise that makes you exertion and do it daily in the morning. This will certainly induce your hunger pangs, so you will not leave home without eating breakfast. Go for brisk walk before taking lunch or dinner as it assist to promote your hunger.