What Generic Levitra means to Impotent Men?

Generic Levitra is a prescribed intervention for impotent men. Usage of the drug without consultation is forbidden. Still men who try to attempt it do it, it’s at own risk. Why to take a risk when you can approach a physician. Approaching physician has many advantages. It guides about the right dosage, as well as gives many other advices. The intake of generic Levitra has to be careful. The drug is powerful treatment, but taking it with precautions is important. All drugs needs medical guidance and generic Levitra is one of them.


Prescription is strictly recommended because the ingredients of the drug should go in proper amount to the body. If imbalance occurs, then much harm can incur to the body. Physician is the right person who known his patient’s health better than him and guides rightly about the dosage. Impotent men can suffer from other health problems also and may be taking treatment for them. Hence, while taking treatment for impotence physician tells what to avoid and what not to avoid with generic Levitra. Many medications contain compounds that are reactive to generic Levitra. In that case the drug may be not prescribed. Therefore, take doctor guidance for sure prior using the ED drug.


Health condition of a patient is scrutinized by a doctor in deep. While suffering from certain medical conditions, like heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, stomach ulcer etc, generic Levitra is not prescribed. It depends on many things as well. That is why doctor advice is so much hyped to be taken.


Various dose forms of generic Levitra are 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The heaviest dose is 20mg and the lowest dose is 2.5mg. Generic Levitra unlike generic Viagra cannot be taken in every 24 hours. In its case a gap of 72 hours is must to be maintained between the intakes of two pills. Generic Levitra is more effective and can give results in as soon as just 15 minutes. Hence, no need to take it one hour before the sexual activity. Just consume it 15 minutes before the act and forget everything about the world.


Effectiveness of the drug is not same for everyone. It varies from person to person. Do not be disheartened if on first trial results do not appear. It depends on men body, weight and age. Also, the force of stimulation also matters. So, have patience and fare with ease with the drug. Only if after five or six trials also results do not seem occurring, have word with your doctor and make the recommended changes in the dose. Generic Levitra is one of most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. Most men agree with it.


Generic Levitra is dictated to be absolutely safe, and it has proved it. However, some mild side effects can be experienced after taking it. Going through headache, dizziness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, color blindness, muscle pain, nausea, etc is extremely normal. All these side effects are nontoxic and do not need intervention. Generic Levitra rarely show serious side effects. Increased heart rate, changes in blood pressure, heart attack, pain in the chest, Priapism etc are serious consequences. Consulting a doctor is important in order to overcome these side effects. Do not ignore these symptoms.


Men are enjoying safe and happy life because drugs like generic Levitra exist. Otherwise, men’s life was spiraling around dark nights only. A big salute to the medication!