The summer season is basically considered as the most enjoyable period as well as the season of intense heat. During summer, you might have noticed the problems such as dry skin, loss of consciousness, throbbing headache, frequent vomiting, indigestion, constipation, heat stroke and so on. The diseases of heat stroke are considered to be more hazardous than heat exhaustion. The heat stroke is the most dangerous disease as it can kill or cause damage to brain and other internal organs. However, intake of fluid is the best option to combat summer heat. It is the season when sun exceeds down with all its great wonder. Intake of homemade natural fluids is the great way to overcome the problems associated with dehydration and other diseases that takes place during summer. Cold beverages help to enhance metabolism and to burn calories. Cold beverages are better in taste than those consumed at room temperature. Cod drinks are vital during intense heat as they have the ability to fulfill the person’s thirst and provide soothing and healing effects. Include the below mentioned home-made cold drinks in your regimen, as they are energy-boosting and may help you to combat heat and to stay hydrated.


Milkshake made up from blending milk, soy milk, ice cream, fresh or frozen fruits and are beneficial to fulfill the intense quench during hot summer. The most important advantage is that, the possibilities of flavor options and creations are endless. Milk shakes can be enjoyed in various forms either as a beverage with meal, as a snack or even as a dessert. Milkshakes are enriched in essential valuable nutrients and vitamins due to healthy and natural ingredients, hence beneficial for health.

Lassi is known to have cooling properties and famous in north Indian cuisine. The summer cooler lassi is made with yogurt. It is available in number of varieties such as meethi lassi, namkeen lassi, mango lassi, phiki lassi, strawberry lassi and so on. You can enjoy the hot summer by tasting each of flavor. It contains an abundant source of antioxidants, vitamins and mineral in order to reduce acidity, improves immunity, improves digestive ability, and colonizes the gut with healthy bacteria. Apart from that it is quiet useful to keep the internal organs cool during hot summer.

Chaas is very popular in Indian cuisine and effective in two ways. As it fulfilled the requirement of thirst and plays a crucial role in digestion. Chaas is also referred as buttermilk.

Chaas is basically prepared with yogurt, some amount of water and other spices. After making chaas, it is usually kept in earthen pot in order to make bubbling liquid for cooking effect.

Nimbu Pani:-
All time favorite nimbu pani prepared from lime is popular across India. It contains an excellent source of vitamin C, B, calcium, phosphorous, proteins and carbohydrates. During hot summer, nimbu pani is one of the effective remedy as it boost immunity, aids in digestion, fight against viral infection, beneficial in weight loss, balances pH level, combat bad breath, energizes your mood, cleanses your system and so on. Hence, it is said to be one of the most refreshing and healthy beverage of summer coolers.

Masala milk:-
It is good option for those who hate to drink only milk. Since, masala milk is quiet better in taste, hence favorite among people of all ages. In fact, it contains rich source of protein and calcium. This energy boosting beverage is a mixture of nuts and saffron hence considered as healthy and energizing cold drinks during summer.

It contains the combination of ingredients such as badam, elaichi, rose petals, cardamom powder, saffron, milk and so on. This healthy and refreshing beverage gives instant relief from intense summer heat.

Coconut water:-
It is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Coconut water provides host of benefits as it boosts energy, increases metabolic rate, improves digestion power, promote healthy heart and strong bones, and helps to lose weight. Hence, it is one of the ideal beverages during hot summer as it keeps you hydrated as well.

It holds combination of water and cumin seeds and most famous Indian beverage during summer. It is basically served as best appetizer and well known for its cooling properties. It plays a key role in enhancing digestion. This beverage is spicy as well, depending on the use of black pepper, fennel, and mint added to it.

Sugarcane juice:-
The sweet sugarcane juice is also known as ganna juice. It contains high amount of glucose and ideal juice during hot summer as it quenches the thirst, keeps your energies and hydrated. The most important advantage is that, it is good for diabetic patient as well.

Aam panna:-
This beverage is prepared from fresh raw mangoes and delish spices, which gives perfect sour taste for a refreshing beverage. The mango fruit is easily available in hot summer; hence any time you can prepare this drink during summer. It contains rich source of vitamin C, hence enhances the body’s resistance against tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera and anemia.

Mastani :-
This was first originated in the “pune city” and is thick and creamy. It includes combination of dry fruit and nuts.

Badam doodh:-
Almond is packed with mineral and supplements such as fiber, vitamin E, antioxidants and other essential vitamins. This most famous summer drinks are made from grinding almonds. Thus, useful for body in many ways, since almond reduces the risk of cancer, cardiac diseases and lowers cholesterol as well.

Mango shake:-
Usually sweet and delicious mango is favorite among people of all ages. Mango shake made from pulpy, juicy and chunks of mangoes are considered as divine in summer.