List of Healthy and Easy to Digest Foods

Diet, as we all know, plays the most important role in helping to maintain a good health. A diet plan consisting of healthy foods will help to prevent obesity and also keep various gastrointestinal issues at bay. On the other hand, a diet that consists of unhealthy foods will result in weight gain and digestive issues. To maintain good digestive health, you should eat more of those foods that are easy to digest.

Your body finds it a lot easier to digest foods like vegetables, fruits, fish, grains, etc. People who suffer from digestive problems and those who have undergone a recent surgery are often advised to eat these foods. A diet that is rich in these foods will help to prevent irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and many other digestive problems. Below is a list of some foods that are very easy to digest.

Easily Digestible Vegetables

Your body finds it easier to digest thoroughly cooked vegetables when compared to the raw vegetables used in salads. Beans and pulses should always be steamed, germinated, or sprouted for quicker digestion. It is highly recommended to limit your consumption of beans, pulses and lentils since having them in excess can result in several digestive problems. You can boil or mash vegetables like yams and potatoes. Some of the best vegetables that are easily digestible include carrots, beans, lentils, peas, kale, yams, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Easily Digestible Fruits

Like vegetables, fruits are also easily digestible. The large amounts of fiber that fruits contain speed up the digestion process. Your body finds it much easier to digest fresh fruit juices than raw fruits. Some easily digestible fruits include avocados, apples, bananas, figs, plums, blueberries, strawberries papaya, pears, and watermelon.

Other Easily Digestible Foods

There are many sources of carbohydrates that are very easy to digest. Fermented foods are also known to be beneficial for your digestive system. Since fermented foods have different effects on different individuals, it is a healthy option to consult a dietician before consuming them. Some other foods that are easily digested by the body include boiled white or brown rice, whole grains, rice pasta, quinoa, rice crackers and cakes, toast, millet, oats, whole wheat bran, fish, soup, skinless and boneless chicken, yogurt, and porridge.

Any form of properly cooked rice is the easiest to digest. People who are suffering from various illnesses, elderly people, infants, and those who have undergone a surgery are often advised to eat properly cooked rice. Eating boiled form of chicken or fish is the fastest way to digest them.

Besides eating these easy to digest foods, you should also have knowledge about the foods that take a long time digest. Soy products, nuts, seeds, cake flour, super fine wheat products, what, milk, and rye are not at all easy to digest. Eating large amounts of these foods on a regular basis can cause constipation. Other foods and drinks that when consumed in excess lead to digestive issues include spicy foods, curry, tea, and coffee.

Along with making healthy dietary changes, you will need to make certain lifestyle adjustment.  A nice way to enhance digestion is to have frequent small meals instead of opting for two or three larger ones. You should also avoid lying down or sleeping immediately after having a meal. These healthy eating habits along with regular exercise will promote proper digestion.