Prescription Policy is an online pharmacy store that provides its customers with various generic drugs, but is not responsible for the effect of these pills as we are not the manufacturer of these medications. There are some medications that are sold in our online drugstore, which require a detailed assurance or prescription from your Doctor. While you are placing the order for these drugs make sure that you mail us or fax us the prescription given by your doctor.

Following are some of the prescription policies that we follow at our drugstore –

The provided prescription note that reaches us should be purely written in English, and must be approved and certified by the doctor’s stamp and signature at the end.

Customers should see to it that they mail us or fax us the doctor’s prescription within 15-days of order placement. Due to any reason if the prescription does not reach us in time, then the delivery will collapse.

Online consultation or prescription note will not be entertained.

If at all there are any further prescriptions that are to be added to your doctor’s prescription note, then our customer support team will get in touch with you through tele-calling or mailing.

The most secured ways for sending prescription are;

  • You can directly fax us the prescription note on 1-000-000-0000
  • You even have mail us the scanned copy of a prescription note to (Our Email Address)
  • For any further queries you can call our experts on our toll-free number 1-000-000-0000

Please note: If your prescription note is not clearly visible, we will not be able to process your order.

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