There are lots of misconceptions such as breakfast increases the amount calorie in the body and increases weight due to which people often prefer to skip breakfast. But, in reality skipping breakfast can actually make difficult to control weight. Since breakfast skippers actually tend to eat more food or high calorie snacks to ward off hunger than usual at the next meal. The word breakfast means breaking the fast after the last night’s diner and between morning’s lunches. In fact, it is the perfect way to keep your stomach satisfied and full. These days, our lives have become too hectic and filled with chores so that to sit with family and have some breakfast seems difficult. Still breakfast is most important meal of the day and without having proper nutritious breakfast you cannot provide enough fuel to your body to work properly and stay healthy during rest of day. Besides that, breakfast is essential to kick starting your metabolism so that you can burn calories instead of storing them. Breakfast provides you with energy and that contribute to increased concentration in the work. One thing you always observe, without breakfast people often get irritable, restless and tired. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body weight. Many health experts or nutritionist always recommend not to skip breakfast because eating heavily in morning or night can cause excess intake of calories. In fact, they agree the fact that having four to five moderate meals is always better instead of overeating at one go. When you take your meals moderately throughout the day, it means you are giving your body adequate time to digest the food properly. Eating heavily can cause indigestion and other health disorders. So, your breakfast should comprise of lot’s of proteins, few carbohydrates and fats. You can add maximum fruits, cereals, whole grain bread, fish, eggs or milk in your breakfast. Having nutritious breakfast daily is not only beneficial for you but your entire family as well. The information mentioned below will definitely help you to know the importance of breakfast in everyone’s life including, children, adult, or teenagers as well.


1) Wakes up your metabolism:-

Having breakfast daily is a great way to get your metabolism working properly for the whole day. By eating breakfast, you simply wake up your metabolism and starting your engine humming which in turn burns those extra calories that you need to burn excess weight.

2) Glucose:-

Glucose is considered as body’s important energy source. From the carbohydrates we consume glucose gets broken down (collapsed) in the body. If your body does not get adequate glucose from breakfast you consume, then the body counterbalances by issuing the stored up glucose in the muscle tissue and liver, which in turn accordingly contribute to decreased energy levels.

3) Helps to control your weight:-

Research indicates that calorie consumed early in a day are comparatively better than the same amount of calorie consume later in the day as it linked with lowering calorie intake overall. Therefore, eating breakfast daily has a better possibility of losing weight and keeping it off. Most studies show that eating breakfast cereal in the morning assist in weight loss effectively. So, the best way to lose weight is that, start taking maximum fiber rich breakfast as it will help you to feel fuller for longer and wont tempted you to eat more during other meals like lunch or dinner. Apart from these, one more benefit is that, having breakfast in the morning enhances your metabolism.

4) Gives you adequate energy:-

A good breakfast usually provides you lots of energy. If you skip breakfast, your body literally starts to slow and shut down. You may also not able to concentrate on your work or study. By eating a good breakfast you will get adequate quantity of glucose as your brain feeds on glucose. This will contribute to better concentration and allow you to study or work better.

5) Reduced risk of diabetes:-

Research has found that, skipping breakfast increases a woman’s diabetes risk. Daily eating breakfast in the morning can assist to stabilize blood sugar levels as these levels determine the appetite and energy.

6) Reduces cardiac diseases:-

Breakfast is essential as it also linked with a lower incidence of heart disease in men between the ages of 45 and 82. In addition, research found that skipping breakfast contributes to hypertension, insulin resistance and higher blood sugar levels. Besides these, studies have shown that adults who have a year-long habit of avoiding breakfast tend to have higher cholesterol, higher LDL and higher insulin levels. These all precursors increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

7) Improves memory:-

Studies indicate that taking breakfast improves memory, concentration level, improve mood and lower stress level. Besides that, improves cognitive function related to memory and test grades. Breakfast also helps in performing better at your office or school. Since skipping breakfast makes people irritable, restless and tired.

8) Makes balance of calorie consumption:-

Having a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning can greatly help to balance your overall daily intake of important nutrients. Include maximum fruits, cereal, milk, eggs or whole wheat toast in the breakfast. It will help to balance your carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and glucose consumption on a daily basis.

9) Provides essential vitamins and minerals:-

Breakfast fulfill the requirement of the day’s total nutrient intake. Even if you don’t have much time then a quick simple breakfast of forfeited cereal with milk and a fruit can fulfill the requirement of essential nutrients to your body. The will consequently build up for a significant balance of daily intake of nutrients.