Saffron is one of the costlier spices amongst all, which are found in Asia, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Iran. It is a dry string of s. crocus plant, which comes in golden, orange and yellow color and bitter in taste. Saffron contains the minerals called calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, phosphorous, zinc and copper. It holds some electrolytes called sodium and potassium. It is rich in the properties known as dietary fibers, folates, niacin, vitamins A, and C.  It contains a chemical compound known as Safranal and Picrocrocin.  It is scientifically, proven that eating saffron, provides enormous benefits, to the health. Just a pinch of saffron has been sufficient, to enhance the taste, of the food. Saffron not only used, to bring taste in the food, but also used to make medicines and various skin products. In previous day’s people consider saffron as, a natural remedy, which were used to treat various health disorders. In fact, today also saffron found very beneficial spice, which helps to maintain proper health? Here are some of the advantages for the health that can be gained by consuming saffron.

  • Enhance the growth of blood cells.

Iron is a very helpful compound, which is found in saffron that helps, to improve the hemoglobin level and enhance the growth, of blood cells.

  • Promote Proper health and digestive system

The presence of minerals, vitamins in saffron helps, to promote proper health and enhance the digestive system. Since it holds the component called Anti convulsant, which minimizes the disorder of the digestion system. Saffron helps to eradicate, the intestinal defects.

  • Improve heart, blood pressure, and cells of the body

Potassium is an electrolyte that found in saffron assists, to develop healthy heart and cells in the body. Potassium also improves the growth of the cells, and assists to get repaired.

  • Protect from various ailments

Saffron is full of minerals, vitamins and chemicals called safranal and picrocorocin, which helps to get protected from various diseases. Saffron can be used, to treat the problem of cough, asthma, disorder of sleep, depression, Alzheimer’s, body pain, menstrual pain, heartburn, rough skin, etc.

  • Beneficial in pregnancy

Consuming milk with saffron during pregnancy; improve the health of the mother, and the child both. Drinking a moderate amount of saffron milk will assist, to minimize the blood pressure level and enhance the mood. It can be consumed, to improve the diet of the mother, and to improve the digestion system. Consuming saffron reduces the pain of the muscles, and provide relax. It is the best remedy, to minimize the fatigue, of the body. Add a bit pinch of saffron to the milk, and drink daily during pregnancy. Further, its consumption should be moderate; its excessive consumption may cause some health disorders. Since saffron is warm in nature.

  • Weight loss

Some, of the research had found that consuming 2 to 3 threads of saffron, before the meal may guide, to reduce the weight. Try to consume moderate amounts of saffron. Eating saffron not only reduces the weight, but it also improves the appetite, of the person.

  • Insomnia

A Person, who is facing the problem of insomnia, should prefer to drink milk with saffron, before going to bed because it reduces the possibility, of insomnia disorder.

  • Menstrual pain

Saffron carries the properties, which helps to reduce the menstrual cycle pain. Drink the saffron milk on the initial 3 days of the menstrual cycle, to minimize the pain. Saffron is one of the costliest, but beneficial remedy, to get rid of the pain.

  • Eradicate eye disorder

Intake of saffron is good, to reduce the irritation and swelling, of the eyes. Its usage also improves the vision, of the person and makes the eyesight healthy. Saffron is a spice that assists, to solve the problem of eye disorders. Try to make its sensible use; since it is warm in nature.

  • Cure cancers

The existence, of several essential components in saffron, helps to prevent from many cancers, and reduces its formation. However, many of the studies, has shown that the presence of antioxidant compound in saffron deactivates the abnormal cell growth and protect the normal cells from getting damaged.

  • It cures asthma and cough

Saffron is a spice, which were used, to treat the problem of cold cough and asthma. It is good natural remedy, to get rid of it.

  • Skin benefits

Saffron carries enormous benefits to the skin. Its moderate consumption with milk enhances the complexion of the skin. Usage of saffron on the face reduces the issues of skin disorders like pimples, itching; rashes, etc. Apply it twice in a week to eradicate the problem of sun burn, dead skin, mars, pores, acne, etc. Saffron was famous skin treatment of olden days. People use it as a natural remedy, to cure the skin disorders. Apply the Mixture of saffron with milk cream and rose water over the face, to enhance the fairness of the skin. Further, its massages may reduce the complaints of acne and pimples. Use this process twice in a week to get smooth and shiny skin. Saffron may assist to tone up the skin, and reduces the dullness, of the skin. Saffron is the best treatment, to improve the look of the skin and make, it more attractive.

  • Beneficial for the hair

Usage of saffron would be beneficial, to stimulate the growth, of the hair. People can add saffron in their bath. Apply the saffron on the scalp of the head, to reduce the problem of hair loss. People who find themselves bald, can apply this process to get the hair grow soon. People can maintain their hair by using saffron with rose water and apply on the scalp, which not only enhances the growth of the hair, but also bring shiny looks, to the hair. Its usage should be moderate.