Security Policy is an online pharmacy that provides quality Generic drug to its global customers. To make your shopping experience easier you can send your queries or suggestions to us by sending an email, which will be restored and applied at its best.

There are certain areas on where you may enter or submit some confidential information. These areas are protected by using 128-bit Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (EV SSL) encrypted transmissions between your web browser and our web server. SSL technology ensures to make your shopping experience comfortable and enjoyable. By using this technology we ensure you that you can have a safe and sound transaction where the information won’t be disclosed on any purchase that you make on our online store.

Customer’s information is a valuable asset that an organization owns. To successfully manage the jeopardy of your organization’s information we have set up an Information Security Management System (ISMS). This will help us apply a valuable structure to establish, administer and constantly recover the security of information systems.

The following aspects are taken into consideration while implementing these Security Policies.

  • Shows all the potential security risks that may occur every day.
  • Improves or minimize the recognized dangers by means of cost-effective and practical measures and method. Consider security at all the stages of planning and development.
  • Safeguard’s all the company assets from different harms.
  • Make emergency plans to cover up predictable incident or deals and train the workforce in their efficient and resourceful filed.
  • Induce an optimistic obligation to secure all levels of management by providing enough resources to balance the estimated danger.

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