Shipping Policy delivers standard drugs to different parts of the world. We associated with the top and the most reliable shipping companies to ensure that the ordered products are delivered safely, in-time, in perfect condition, and to the right destination.

Generally, your purchase will arrive within 8-20 days maximum, depending upon the delivery method.

  • 8-10 Days For Express Shipment Method
  • 15-20 Days For Registered Post

Product Delivery Process has always been very specific about product delivery and has managed to deliver the products on or before time.

The customer receives an email notification, as soon as the product is dispatched. This email contains details about the no. of days required to receive the order. If the order is placed through Express shipment method, then your mail will also contain an Order Tracking Number that is essential at the time of order tracking.

Get in touch with our customer support team if you do not receive the order on the mentioned date.

Shipping policies of will into action if the order is not delivered on time or if it is late due to our inaccuracy. In such situation, we will either deliver the order for free or will refund the entire money back.

Delivery Notification

You will receive a totally two notifications one immediately after you have successfully placed the order and second one after the order is delivered for shipment. If you do not receive any of these notifications, then kindly get in touch with our customer support team.

In the first notification mail you will receive a detailed invoice of your order, and if you wish to make any changes to the order, then kindly make it at its earliest without delaying.

You will receive the second notification after the order has been dispatched for shipping; this email will contain details about the order arrival date and order tracking number.

Terms & Conditions

  • We will not deliver product to P.O. Box Address, Hotel Address, or University Address; residential address is compulsorily required.
  • Orders above 500 gm will be delivered in two shipments.
  • Shipping charges varies from $18 USD to $20 USD.
  • Maximum quantity of order that can be placed can be up to 500gm.


For detailed information about our shipping policy kindly get in touch with our Customer Support team our Toll-Free Number – __________________

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