A change in diet is indispensable to increase weight. There is no meaning if you join weight training program or gym without consuming appropriate food. Those who desire to gain weight should consume the appropriate high calorie food. Having knowledge about what foods help to improve weight is obligatory to observe healthy change in the body. In order to gain weight underweight people makes every possible effort and sometimes even give preference to consumption of unhealthy foods also. Further, these unhealthy intakes of food give rise to other health issues. While achieving aim of weight gain, try best to stay physically active as well.

Although, consumption of excessive calorie is prime necessity to accomplish the goal of weight gain, but at the same time it should receive from a healthy food. It is always unwise to incorporate fast food as they holds calorie in rich concentration and such foodstuff also result in obesity. It would better if you tried to develop a muscular frame instead of becoming obese as they help you to carry out daily task easily. The chances are high that including calories unconsciously in your diet may grow your body out of shape. This in turn gives an open invitation to threat of cardiac disease and severe ailments like diabetes.

People grievous about gaining weight should enhance their meal frequency. One should try best to have 6 meals instead of eating 3 on a daily basis. One can easily increase weight by eating 6 small meals like dinner, lunch, breakfast and 3 small meals. There must be a standard gap of 2.5-3 hours between each meal. Also, give first priority do drinking ample of water and fresh fruit juices to beat dehydration.


  • Best foods:-

A diet enriched with carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins is essential to increase weight in the appropriate manner. It is mandatory to find foods that are high in these nutrients. Foods laden with protein will definitely permit the body to increase muscle mass without accumulating too much fat. Protein is abundantly present in milk and drinking milk after exercising assist to encourage the development of muscles. Protein bars and protein shakes can also lead to accelerate the muscle development. Including powdered milk to sauces and soup is best way to raise calorie consumption. Foods loaded with protein that encourage weight gain in a healthy manner include dairy products, fish, low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. Chicken without skin also contains an excellent source of protein. Other meat and poultry products packed with protein also promote overall health that consists of rabbits and turkey. Sunflower seeds, eggs and nuts also packed with rich source of protein. Inclusion of these food items in diet is fundamental to gain weight naturally. If you don’t prefer consuming raw almonds, then you can give priority to its tastier version and almond butter is good example of it.

  • Fat foods:-

While choosing foods to increase weight, it is mandatory to obviate intake of saturated fat foods to stay away from numerous health associated disorders. Saturated fat is responsible for increasing cholesterol level in the blood which further enhances the possibilities of cardiac diseases. Skimmed milk holds an enough amount of protein and no fat. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, fish, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, seeds, butter and cashew nuts are best example of healthy fat foods. Cold pressed oil elicited from seeds like sunflower and safflower are also comes under list of healthy fat foods. Health expert frequently suggests utilize cold pressed olive oil for cooking. Anyone seeking for gaining weight must include these healthy fat foods into the diet. Dressing salad with olive oil is best way to include healthy fat to your diet.

  • Carbohydrate foods:-

Weight gain diet is just incomplete without carbohydrate foods. In fact, it is vital part of it. Carbohydrates provide the body enough amount of energy to execute daily task. Vegetables and fruits are believed to be greater source of carbohydrates. Vegetables like spinach, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes contains high amount of protein. One has to eat fruits such as mangoes, apples, pineapples, oranges, papaya and avocado to increase carbohydrates to the diet. Whole grain and brown rice are other superior sources of carbohydrates. Whole wheat pastas and whole wheat bread in sufficient amount is finest example of a healthy and nutritious breakfast. A perfect healthy snack, enriched with carbohydrates includes eating of grapes, bananas and dried fruits. You can include dried fruits to daily salads and yogurt to promote your healthy calorie consumption.


Only choosing right food does not matter as following appropriate cooking method is also necessary. The habit of consuming fried food items must be thrown away or else choose healthy cooking options like stewing, broiling, grilling, steaming and baking. Besides, consuming the appropriate food, workouts must also be vital factor to obtain the expected outcomes. Workouts that assist to build muscle mass are critically needed to gain weight. Hence, apart from increasing protein consumption, prefer weight lifting exercises like dead lifts, bench press, bent-over rows and squats to achieve muscles. Incapability to increase weight has frequently been assigned to lack of hunger, regardless of eating nutrient dense food. Not feeling starving during meal times is mostly because of sedentary lifestyle. Hence, start the day with an exercise that makes you exertion and do it daily in the morning. This will certainly induce your hunger pangs, so you will not leave home without eating breakfast. Go for brisk walk before taking lunch or dinner as it assist to promote your hunger.


Yeast infection is known by various different names like Candidiasis, thrush or moniliasis. Initial detection of this infection is most difficult in men as compared with women. Candida albicans is an organism which is familiar to every individual’s skin and it does not create trouble to anyone. Every individual carry this organism on skin, mouth, gastrointestinal tract and in case of women (vagina). Sometimes the yeast reproduces uncontrollably and induces pain and inflammation. Yeast infection may affect you skin including skin of the penis, vagina and mouth. Besides that, it also infects the blood stream or internal organs like liver or spleen. Skin, mouth and vaginal infections are considered most common and it occurs due to diaper rash. However these infection can be cure within shorter period of time and are not life threatening. Yeast infection is considered life threatening when it enters to bloodstream and important organ like heart. But this happen occasionally in people with damaged immune system. Healthy people do not get affected with this infection. Still, yeast infection causes constant irritation and sometimes it is a serious threat for people suffering from diseases like cancer, AIDS and poor immune system. As people suffering from this disease finds difficult to combat it.

Eating disorder, excess consumption of alcohol, consumption of unhealthy foods, irregular food pattern is linked with causing yeast infection. Overconsumption foods those contain high amount of starch products like peanuts, corn, wheat and barley is also related with causing yeast infection. Unprotected sex with a yeast-infected partner is said to be leading cause occurring yeast infection. This condition is also known as sexually transmitted disease (STD). Condom that contain the spermicidal lubricant ‘nonoxynol-9’ and sexual contagion are another possible causes of yeast infection. A damaged immune system and overuse of antibiotics are other most important causes responsible for inducing yeast infection. An immune system can be damaged due to number of reasons, life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV, extreme stress, insufficiency of white blood cells, lack of essential nutrient, diabetes and due to recent severe illness or transplant surgery.

In some cases, men incline to dismiss the neurotic symptoms of this kind of infection. Extreme fatigue, bad breath, blotting, loose stools, frequent intestinal gas, constipation, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, lack of energy, dry itchy flaky skin, athletes feet, memory loss in severe cases, jock itch, nail fungus, excessive joint pain, muscle pain and huge craving for sugar and starch containing foods like, cookies, cheeps, bread. and indigestion, raised heart beat, diarrhea and lack of white blood cells are some of the commonly observe symptoms. In addition, symptoms called Balanitis or the swelling of the glans penis is most difficult to ignore. Intolerable itchiness, burning sensation of glans and irritation and tenderness of the penis especially after sexual activity, huge redness and white substance on the foreskin and blisters also observe when one affected with yeast infection. Symptom related with genital herbs is considered most severe. Signs of yeast infection take place especially on the mucus membranes including anus, penis and urinary bladder. Infectious spots in the navel and armpits are usual. Since fungus utilizes the blood stream for its spread, this infection may occur through an infected syringe also.

The self examination spit test plays a crucial role in recognizing the signs of yeast infection. In this test, one has to spit in water pot, and then need to keep aside for at least half an hour. But this process should be done immediately after getting up in the early morning. Once the spit mixes completely in the water then the possibilities of you being infected reduces considerably. If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms then consult your health care provider immediately. Your physician may do the pH check initially. According to several studies yeast cultures involves sterile swabs stretched on the infected body areas. Basically they are cover under the same temperature which needs human body. Besides that, certain test of stool samples involves microscopic clarification of the genital fluids In order to identify whether the signs cope with the yeast infection or not.

Diet also plays a significant role in treating male yeast infection. Without following proper diet you cannot overcome this infection. Focus on eating more green vegetables. Incorporate vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kale in your daily regimen and excess quantity. Sufficient intake of this vegetable may help you to strengthen immune system effectively. Obtaining healthy cooking methods also matters a lot to prevent yeast overgrowth. Patient should strictly stay away from sugar rich products as they give open invitation for the fungus to multiply. Person affect with yeast infection should strictly avoid crispy foods like dried fruits, cakes, chocolates and pastries as they hold high amount of sugar. Besides these, patient should exclude yeast fermented foods such as pasta, oats, and bread and baked products from their daily regime. Say no to alcoholic drinks like wine and beer as substance present in these unhealthy drinks boost yeast growth. Keep away from processed, cured and smoked meat as it also contains an excellent amount of sugar.

The prescribed certain drugs containing Bsuspension, econazole, ketoconazole and fluconazole help to treat the patient. These drugs are vital as they ensure total recovery of the patient. The most essential step is to consult a doctor at initial stage as it may help you to get faster recovery. In fact, along with treatment, a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, instant observation of any minor symptoms, proper hygiene and obviating sex with an infected partner are most basic vital thing which are necessary to be followed by every individual in order to stay away from occurrence of any type of yeast infection


Red eyes are a condition, which turns white surface of the eyes into a red due to irritation and swelling. Apart from this there are many factors, which cause red eyes. Well, it depends on how often people tend to follow certain factors. Sometimes, the lifestyle of the person matters a lot, to cause eye disorder. A burst of the eye blood vessel found responsible for the red eye condition. Not whole eye, but you can see some portion of the eyes with an accumulated blood; since, when the blood vessels of the eyes break, it gets spread over the eyes. Well, it’s not so severe condition; one can get rid of it after going through treatment procedure. The Eyes are the casement of the world, to enjoy the beauty of the nature; one needs to take extreme care of their eyes. I have seen the people ignoring a minor eye defect, which later turn, into severe concern. Besides, I have seen most of the people using certain cosmetic product to improve the beauty of the eyes, which further becomes a barrier for the eye function. A lack of rest stood a biggest concern for an eye disorder. There are many other facts, which are found responsible for red eyes. Let’s see in detail.

• Any hurt or injury to the eyes found responsible for the eye difficulties. People, undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery can cause red, inflamed eyes. Sometimes, it turns into sub-conjunctive hemorrhage. In certain condition, always keep the immediate contact with the doctors.

• Playing with certain stuff with the eyes or getting hurt through the stuff such as ball or something may lead, to red and inflamed eyes. Getting hurt through a hard stuff enhances the risk of eyesight damages. The case mostly found with the boys playing with the cricket.

• People, with dry eyes may get the risk of red eyes issue. It takes place, when the tear glands fail to form sufficient quantity and quality of tears, to facilitate the function of the eyes. Persistent dry eyes issue leads to engorge, irritated and red eyes.

• An allergic reaction is an obvious fact of red, inflamed and irritating eyes. Most of the people found allergic to contact lenses, dust, pollen, certain chemicals, etc. which leads to itchy eyes, results inflamed blood vessels causing red and watery eyes. If, in case you have this complication, then do carry the eye drop with you every time.

• One of the leading factors, to cause red eyes is contact lenses. Don’t be so careless about wearing contact lens; since it may lead to germs existing near the surface of the eyes. When you place the lens see to it that it is clean. The contact lens has become key aspects to cause fungal, irritating, itchy, inflamed and red eyes. People, holding contact lens may easily get the risk of eye disorder. So, in case one should consult the doctor, immediately. Moreover, contact lens found a main concern for the dry eyes; it restricts the oxygen to reach the cornea and to produce tears.

• Prolonged working on the computer may become a barrier for the eyes, to work properly. One need to give relaxes to the eyes in every one hour period. A persistent gazing over the electronic stuff such as computer, mobile, televisions, etc. may bring painful, swelled, and red color eyes. Sometimes, persistent working on computers and lack of rest may lead to eye sight damages. If, you are in the office try performing eye exercise in every one hour, to keep your eyes functioning, well. For occupational people, the computer has become a barrier for their eye sights. I have seen most of the people, working prolong over the computer holds red, inflamed and painful eyes.

• A prolonged study in a dim light may lead to red and watery eyes. Do not read or work in a strong or a dim light, both will harm your eye sights. Try managing the rays of the light in medium; since a strong rays leads to headache and blurry vision.

• People, suffering from cold flu may get the risk of watery, red and inflamed eyes comprises with a runny nose. Sinus infection, coughing, persistent sneezing appears the eyes in red color.

• Women, who are pregnant, may get the risk of red, dry, itchy, and puffy eyes due to hormonal changes. They can also face sensitiveness towards the light rays.

• An occupational place, which includes chemicals and dust pollution found extreme responsible for eyesight’s damages. One may initially face the stage of dry, itchy, red, inflamed eyes and further leads to severe eye disorders. People, who work in certain places, must take the precautions, to save the eyesight’s.

• Persistent working and lack of sleep may enhance the risk of eye disorder. I have found people, who lack sleeping holds fatigue, dry, and painful eyes. One needs to take ample amount of sleep, to get rid of certain eye complications. The appearance of dark circle and puffiness are an additional eye difficulty.

• Certain eye diseases such as glaucoma, corneal ulcer, uveitis, etc. found responsible for puffy, itchy, and red eyes. In certain situation, one need to go for the soonest treatments; since, its ignorance may further damage the eye vision.

• Furthermore, smoking found an additional aspect to enhance the risk of eye disorder. It not only disrupts the function of the heart and lung, but it also affects the function of the eyes. You can notice an excessive smoker holds always a red and dry eye. It’s because smoking evaporated the fluids of the body and brings dehydrated body. I think avoiding certain harmful stuff would be helpful to promote optimum health.

• Prolonged swimming may turn the eyes into red color. People, who enjoy swimming regularly, may get the risk of eyesight damages; hence, it is advised to wear swimming glasses, to save the eyes, from getting damage.

Natural Therapies To Stop Runny Nose

A runny nose seems to be unwanted and unpredictable irritation, which gets arrive at any seasons; especially in the winter and rainy seasons. It’s a type of annoying and embarrassing disorders, which fails to manage a daily work. It’s a common symptoms of cold cough not comprises regularly, but rarely. Runny nose gets linked with the watery eyes; one can get continues emission of water from the eyes and nose both and results red eyes and nose. This is the condition, which brings irritated mind, eye pain, itchy nose, headache, fiver, etc. you won’t be able to perform your work properly due to a persistent flow of water through the eyes and nose. I know it’s a very frustrating issue, every now and then you need to hold the hanky, over the face. Runny nose is not only the causes of the common cold; in fact certain allergies and viruses too found responsible for runny nose. I have gone through it and I know how irritating the condition is. You may get your face turn into full reddish color. Common cold is found one of the biggest facts for runny nose; since, it holds the rhinovirus. Further, certain allergic reactions may lead to runny nose; this is not a seasonal allergic reaction in fact it includes, dust particles, smell of perfumes, flowers, etc. A sinus complications may comprises the runny nose as a symptom; however, it’s not mandatory that a sinus sufferer must have a runny nose issue. Sometime, changes in the weather lead to runny nose due to viruses. You know sometimes people found allergic of certain foods, which brings runny nose issue. I have seen most of the people allergic, to spicy food after consuming a bite they start with a runny nose. Well, the conditions of runny nose last for a week or more than that, but the precautions and treatments may solve the problem soon. I think, before going to medication treatment, one must try home remedies, to treat and cure the infection.

Ginger holds antibiotic, antiseptic, antibacterial effects, which works marvelously to treat several infectious diseases, naturally. Ginger usage is running from the olden days; people, were keen to use ginger, to treat common cold disorders. Ginger tea found helpful to treat cold cough and runny nose. Add the remedy three times in a day. Not much a half cup will be sufficient; if, you want you can add salt into it for the taste.

Salt gargling
Salt water gargling is the most common and known homemade remedies, which is practiced by every Indian during infectious attack. We can say it’s a most effective olden remedy, which were used by the people in olden days, to get rid of seasonal viruses attack. Warm some water by adding salt in it and do gargling. In a day three times would be sufficient to see the effect. You can find a bit relief from irritated throat and cold cough. This may indirectly reduce the runny nose issue.

Garlic is an another stuff, which holds various antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal effects found helpful, to treat infectious diseases. You may use garlic to get rid of winter viruses as like cold cough, sore throat, etc. Crushed some garlic and add a spoon of lemon juice and honey. Grind the mixture well and take a sip. Further, boil some water by adding 5 cloves of garlic and a tea-spoon of honey in it. Drink this mixture twice or thrice daily, to get relief from infectious attack. You may find this remedy helpful in mending runny nose and cold cough problem.

Honey is the nature gift found loaded with enormous health benefits; it contains a great soothing effect. One can get rid of infections, sore throat, could cough and several other seasonal viruses attack. Take a gap of three hours and consume a mixture of honey and lemon. You know this mixture stood most effective homemade remedy running from yesterdays for soothing of sore throat, cold cough, runny nose, etc. The research stated that honey holds the great effect of killing bacteria and curing the infectious diseases.

Red onion syrup
I know it sounds strange, but the fact is red onion soups works fabulously, to treat seasonal viruses. You just have to crush an onion adding honey and brown sugar in it. You need to keep the mixture for two days until it turns into thick form. Further, have this mixture like syrup thrice in a day.

You might know the cinnamon; a most usable herb in Indian dishes. Cinnamon too found beneficial for soothing the infectious diseases. Add cinnamon powder and cloves in a glass of water and keep it for boiling. Further, drink it in the state of warm condition after filtering. Follow this process thrice in a day. You can get relief from common cold and runny nose, for some extent.

Mullein tea
I think nothing can be worked well, then a hot cup of mullein tea. Add a cup of mullein tea in the morning and evening time, to get mend the condition of sore throat, cold cough, etc. I don’t know whether you are familiar about mullein or not, but as far as I know people use mullein tea as a naturally remedy, to get relief from infectious diseases. Mix some mullein powder in the water and keep for boiling; further, place it down and filter the mixture. Add some spoon of honey in the mixture and drink it warm. You can consume this mixture twice in a day.

Black pepper and fenugreek
Try the mixture of fenugreek and black pepper. Make a tea of this mixture, filter it and consume it. Try it and see whether it works or not. It has been found that most of the herbs work fabulously, to treat certain viruses and infectious diseases. An olden day’s people make it more famous, which gradually becomes a soothing homemade remedy.


The ears are found most significant constitute of the body, which detects sound. It holds the ability of hearing and acting on a particular matter. When you fail to hear anything, you fail to act on it. In short, the ear is responsible for human body performance; since, the hearing ability makes the person understand the idiom and reply or act on it. The function performed by every organ varies. Pinna is a factor, which is located inside the ear that helps reach the voice towards ear canal. With the help of this ear channel the sounds arrive to the eardrum, placed in the center part of the ear. The region of eardrum holds hammer, stirrup, anvil, partial-circular and many other workable constituents. The sounds further reach to the inner section of the ear i.e., Eustachian tube, cochlea and nerves. The nerves further take the sounds towards the brain, for the performance. This is the process, which makes the sound to understand and to act on it.

Now, you might have understood how significant the ear function is? Any damages to any parts of the ears may disturb the whole function, of the ears. An ear infection is the common complication, which a person faces; it may occur at any section of the ears. The causes of ear infections are various, but the precaution found a best option, to get prevented. I have seen most of the people placing and playing with the pointed stuff in the ears; this is one of the leading factors to cause ear infections and sometimes eardrum damage. Mostly, the center parts of the ears get affected by the otitis infections.  A swelling of eardrums due to bacteria leads to otitis issue. Children are at more risk of otitis infections. Certain types of ear infections involve itchiness, redness and inflammation of the ears. Sometimes, the ignorance may lead to severe problem, which comprises fever, a severe pain, and mucus formation. This generally occupies the center part of the ears.

Most of the time, the formation of mucus becomes so severe that it blocks the passage of sounds. In some extreme cases people lose their hearing ability power. The ear infection gradually starts with pain and further leads to itching, irritation, head pain, jaw pain, swollen face, fever, sleeping disorders, diarrhea, appetite loss, oozing of yellow discharge from the ears, etc. The ear pain may come in normal or chronic form, but any of this condition needs special care and treatments. Most of the people tend to ignore the normal ear pain, which further becomes biggest complication in the future. An untreated or ignored ear disorders may damage the eardrums and cause deafness. Sometimes, a severe hurt over the ears may damage the eardrums and could lead to ear cancer, if ignored. Certain problem comprises with instant and severe pain. A formation of ear wax stood the main reasons, for the ear pain. In certain situation, people are seen penetrating a pointed thing inside the ears, which is harmful for the ears. Instead this, one must use the removal of ear wax oil, to eliminate the ear wax easily.

Besides this, one can use natural remedies to treat a minor ear disorders, this remedy have been found running from ancient times and stood helpful for mending various ear infections. Most of the people scared to follow certain natural remedies, to treat ear disorders. It’s partially accepted, but before using certain remedies make sure that you are familiar about the remedies. Here are some of the lists that will help you out, to get rid of minor ear complication.

1) Boiled water with salt contained found helpful, to treat inflamed and itchy ear. Keep the salt water for boiling and soak it in a piece of cotton cloth, further place that cotton cloth inside the ears or cover the ears with the cloth. This will help reduce the swelling of the ears. Practice this therapy for 4 days and see the effect.

2) Add some garlic cloves in the mustard or sesame oil and keep for boiling until it turns into a brownish color. Further, place down the mixture and drop a warm mixture of this oil inside the infected ears. This mixture works fabulously to treat ear disorders. The people were usually to follow this mixture in olden days. It’s a famous and effective homemade remedy, to mend ear complication, naturally.

3) One can also make use of warm olive oil, to beat the inflamed and infected ears. It works greatly, to eliminate the fungal or ear wax problem. Warm some olive oil and put the drops inside the ears. Follow this regularly, until the conditions get mended.

4) I have also seen people using apple cider vinegar, to treat ear infections. Mix some drop of vinegar in the water and soak it with the cotton ball. Further, place this cotton ball inside the ears and remove out after sometimes.

5) Most of the people found using onion juice, to get rid of infected ears; it’s an olden homemade remedy, which was used by the people, to treat ear infection in yesterdays. Mix some onion piece in the water and keep for boiling. Further, filter the water and drop it in the infected ears. You can also soak a cotton ball and place inside the ears. This remedy works marvelously, to treat and cure various minor ear infections.

6) I have found many of the people using the mango leaves juice. I know it sounds strange, but the fact revealed after using this mixture. Put some leaves in the water and keep for boiling. Further, drop the mild warm water, in the infected ears. You can also soak a cotton ball and place inside the ears.

7) One can also make use of tea tree oil. This is again stood beneficial and effective oil for healing the infectious attack. Make a mixture of olive oil, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar, soak it in the cotton ball and place it inside the infected ears. It works excellently to treat minor ear disorders.