Red eyes are a condition, which turns white surface of the eyes into a red due to irritation and swelling. Apart from this there are many factors, which cause red eyes. Well, it depends on how often people tend to follow certain factors. Sometimes, the lifestyle of the person matters a lot, to cause eye disorder. A burst of the eye blood vessel found responsible for the red eye condition. Not whole eye, but you can see some portion of the eyes with an accumulated blood; since, when the blood vessels of the eyes break, it gets spread over the eyes. Well, it’s not so severe condition; one can get rid of it after going through treatment procedure. The Eyes are the casement of the world, to enjoy the beauty of the nature; one needs to take extreme care of their eyes. I have seen the people ignoring a minor eye defect, which later turn, into severe concern. Besides, I have seen most of the people using certain cosmetic product to improve the beauty of the eyes, which further becomes a barrier for the eye function. A lack of rest stood a biggest concern for an eye disorder. There are many other facts, which are found responsible for red eyes. Let’s see in detail.

• Any hurt or injury to the eyes found responsible for the eye difficulties. People, undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery can cause red, inflamed eyes. Sometimes, it turns into sub-conjunctive hemorrhage. In certain condition, always keep the immediate contact with the doctors.

• Playing with certain stuff with the eyes or getting hurt through the stuff such as ball or something may lead, to red and inflamed eyes. Getting hurt through a hard stuff enhances the risk of eyesight damages. The case mostly found with the boys playing with the cricket.

• People, with dry eyes may get the risk of red eyes issue. It takes place, when the tear glands fail to form sufficient quantity and quality of tears, to facilitate the function of the eyes. Persistent dry eyes issue leads to engorge, irritated and red eyes.

• An allergic reaction is an obvious fact of red, inflamed and irritating eyes. Most of the people found allergic to contact lenses, dust, pollen, certain chemicals, etc. which leads to itchy eyes, results inflamed blood vessels causing red and watery eyes. If, in case you have this complication, then do carry the eye drop with you every time.

• One of the leading factors, to cause red eyes is contact lenses. Don’t be so careless about wearing contact lens; since it may lead to germs existing near the surface of the eyes. When you place the lens see to it that it is clean. The contact lens has become key aspects to cause fungal, irritating, itchy, inflamed and red eyes. People, holding contact lens may easily get the risk of eye disorder. So, in case one should consult the doctor, immediately. Moreover, contact lens found a main concern for the dry eyes; it restricts the oxygen to reach the cornea and to produce tears.

• Prolonged working on the computer may become a barrier for the eyes, to work properly. One need to give relaxes to the eyes in every one hour period. A persistent gazing over the electronic stuff such as computer, mobile, televisions, etc. may bring painful, swelled, and red color eyes. Sometimes, persistent working on computers and lack of rest may lead to eye sight damages. If, you are in the office try performing eye exercise in every one hour, to keep your eyes functioning, well. For occupational people, the computer has become a barrier for their eye sights. I have seen most of the people, working prolong over the computer holds red, inflamed and painful eyes.

• A prolonged study in a dim light may lead to red and watery eyes. Do not read or work in a strong or a dim light, both will harm your eye sights. Try managing the rays of the light in medium; since a strong rays leads to headache and blurry vision.

• People, suffering from cold flu may get the risk of watery, red and inflamed eyes comprises with a runny nose. Sinus infection, coughing, persistent sneezing appears the eyes in red color.

• Women, who are pregnant, may get the risk of red, dry, itchy, and puffy eyes due to hormonal changes. They can also face sensitiveness towards the light rays.

• An occupational place, which includes chemicals and dust pollution found extreme responsible for eyesight’s damages. One may initially face the stage of dry, itchy, red, inflamed eyes and further leads to severe eye disorders. People, who work in certain places, must take the precautions, to save the eyesight’s.

• Persistent working and lack of sleep may enhance the risk of eye disorder. I have found people, who lack sleeping holds fatigue, dry, and painful eyes. One needs to take ample amount of sleep, to get rid of certain eye complications. The appearance of dark circle and puffiness are an additional eye difficulty.

• Certain eye diseases such as glaucoma, corneal ulcer, uveitis, etc. found responsible for puffy, itchy, and red eyes. In certain situation, one need to go for the soonest treatments; since, its ignorance may further damage the eye vision.

• Furthermore, smoking found an additional aspect to enhance the risk of eye disorder. It not only disrupts the function of the heart and lung, but it also affects the function of the eyes. You can notice an excessive smoker holds always a red and dry eye. It’s because smoking evaporated the fluids of the body and brings dehydrated body. I think avoiding certain harmful stuff would be helpful to promote optimum health.

• Prolonged swimming may turn the eyes into red color. People, who enjoy swimming regularly, may get the risk of eyesight damages; hence, it is advised to wear swimming glasses, to save the eyes, from getting damage.


Macular degeneration is a common eye disease which usually affects older adult and results in a loss of vision. It is a medical condition in which the central portion of the retina deteriorates and does not function adequately. This diseases mainly takes place in adults therefore it is also known as age-related macular degeneration that is (AMD) or sometimes in rare cases it affects to younger as well. Usually this disease develops among people after the age of 50 and if left untreated, may contribute to permanent loss of vision. In this disease adults face difficulty in reading newspapers, recognizing faces and other daily activities. The macula is built by millions of light-sensing cells and it is one of the important parts of eyes that provide sharp vision. Macula is most responsive part of retina and is located at the back of the eye. The Advance AMD is divided in two forms that is dry and wet form. The dry form (Geographic atrophy) is often considered the late stage of advance AMD. The dry form of condition is responsible for hardly 10 to 20% blindness. The wet form of AMD (Neovascular or exudative) is quite risky as it leads to rapid loss of vision. It causes due to abnormal growth of blood vessels behind the retina. The leakage and bleeding from blood vessels eventually lead to damage cells and thereby causes rapid loss of vision. In short, in dry form people experience gradual loss where as in wet form experiences rapid loss of central vision.

Signs of macular degeneration:-

• Blurred central and distant vision: – until both eyes are affected badly this condition leaves patient unaware about disease because the other one covers damage.

• Need brighter light to read.

• Objects Appears smaller in one eye than other or words in newspaper or book may become unclear.

• Difficulty in recognizing colors especially between light and dark colors.

• Objects may appear in different shape, size and color to different eye.

Possible causes and risk factors of macular degeneration:-

• Family history

• Aging

• Hypertension

• Cholesterol

• Obesity

• Excessive Fat intake

• Deficiency of vitamin D

• Consumption of alcohol and cigarette

• Diet rich in saturated Fat

• Exposure to sunlight


1) Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol:- Research indicates that smokers are up to five times more likely than non-smokers to have macular degeneration. The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol is extremely harmful for overall heath. Consumption of both can easily make worse the condition of person suffering from macular degeneration. Hence, it is essential for person who is chronic smoker or drinker to quit both habit immediately. In addition, regular exercising can play a key role in preventing the onset of this degenerative disease. Besides that, maintain a diet that is high in vitamins and low in cholesterol can also be beneficial to ensure that the health of the person is in pristine condition.

2) Consume plenty of green leafy vegetables:- Research has found those people who consume vegetables rich in carotenoids (lutein and zexanthin) had a 43 per cent lower risk of developing age related macular degeneration. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens, and broccoli are contains rich source of carotenoids and antioxidants. These vegetables are not favored among children as they do not provide crunchy taste like fast food. The high content of antioxidant present in these vegetables helps to protect retina from free radical damage. Hence, keep the diseases of AMD and cataracts at bay. In fact all these leafy green vegetables are associated substantially to reduce the risk of developing AMD.

3) Take preventive nutrition supplements:- Studies indicate that nutrients play a crucial role in helping to maintain vision in people who are at risk of developing advance AMD. Rich source of antioxidant, vitamins and zinc associated to reduce the risk of AMD and vision loss. These nutrients are essential to slow the progression of these diseases. Doctors often recommend multivitamin supplements in tables or capsule forms which help to prevent the onset of this chronic condition. However these capsules may not contain trace amount zinc. Hence, it is better to obtain nutrients from natural sources like leafy green vegetable and fish. In addition, Daily consumption of carrot can also be a great option as it holds an excellent source of beta-carotene, antioxidant and vitamin A. These nutrients are considered beneficial for good eyesight and keep the diseases of night blindness, cataract and AMD at bay. People should also consume food rich in antioxidant, vitamin C, A & E as it delay the onset of macular degeneration.

4) Eat more fish to prevent AMD:- Fish in your diet can be a great source to have less risk of developing advance AMD by 45 per cent as compared with those who consume least amount of fish.

• Salmons: – It includes high content of omega-3 fatty acids and this nutrient consider beneficial for proper functioning of eye. This nutrient is found in large quantity in salmons only as compare to other fish or seafood. Hence, daily intake of this fish helps to protect the tiny blood vessels in eyes. Besides that, daily one chicken egg is helpful for adults as it is loaded with antioxidant lutein to lower the risk of AMD without raising cholesterol level.

• Oysters: – Oysters holds considerable source of zinc mineral than any other food source like pork or beef. Zink is one kind of mineral which improves vision as well as enhances immune system. The major benefit of this zinc rich food is that it is good for eyesight.

5) Have Regular eye check-up:- Regular eye check-up is vital to ensure that they are functioning properly or not. Because at the initial stage the symptoms are not so clear so many times patient avoid visiting ophthalmologist. This becomes the major reason of onset of AMD. Hence it is important to have check-up for at least 2 to 3 times for the age between 45 and 60 and after 60 years every year check-up is necessary. Due to regular eye check-up disease can be identified at earliest.

6) Keep control over diabetes and blood pressure:- It is necessary to keep a check on other diseases of diabetes and blood pressure that a person may suffer. Cholesterol is a fatty substance which builds up blood vessels and conquers the blood flow necessary for maintaining for health of eye tissue. Hence controlling cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure may reduce the risk of complications that lead to develop AMD.

7) Other remedies:- • Eat more fruits and nuts daily • Reduce polished carbohydrates in diet. • Wear sunglasses to protect from UV and Blue light.

Natural Eye Vision Care Tips

Start losing vision in an early age has become quite a common thing at present. Importance that eyes should get is rapidly waning. It is common phenomenon to start wearing lenses or spectacles even when once have not even crosses the age of 20. Large percentage population these days wears contact lenses or specs. However, in reality, it’s very bad. Eyes are our window to the world. Seeing the world with natural vision has its own taste and enjoyment. People deal with eyes casually. But, they are unaware of the fact that with proper eye care even in old age they will not need specs.

For healthy vision, healthy measures are required to be adopted. Natural care is the best care. Especially when dealing with eyes, natural methods should only be adopted. Till old age, you will enjoy clear and bright vision. However, the care should be taken regularly. Before going into details about eye care, let’s know what the causes of eye problem are.

Straining eyes is one common thing that makes vision feeble. People these days read a lot or sit in front of computer for long time or watch TV etc., all these activities requires mental attention and increases load on eyes. Due to consistent straining eyes vision get affected. Other reasons are bad lifestyle factors like, improper diet, smoking, exposure to sun rays for long time, inadequate body rest and so on. Eye care has become essential. The job is not even tough. Some common practices are helpful in eye vision care.


Lubrication is important for eyes and it comes with blinking often. Do not misunderstand it with blinking with every second. No, it is not so. Blinking is important for eye health. People who don’t blink often face problems like dry eyes, irritation in eyes, itching problem and so on. To avoid dry eye syndrome it is required to blink.

Eye rest

Eyes indeed need rest. Sleep can only impart proper rest to eyes. Every day eight hours sleep is required. Healthy sleep is directly related to eye care.

Eye clean up

Like face, lots of makeup products are used on eyes by women. Using eye products is fine, but removing them at the end of the day is necessary. Do not forget to properly clean eyes in the evening. Cleaning removes residues which otherwise can harm eyes if remain in the eyes. Every tinge of makeup should be removed and eyes should be washed neatly.

Protect eyes from sun rays

Sun rays penetrate into the eyes and affect eye vision. It is important to protect eyes from rays of the sun. Wearing sunglasses before going out in the sun is best solution. In an instant effects are not seen on eyes, however, in later stages it all comes out.

Eye problems can be avoided by giving heed to these tips. Caring for eyes is good and prevents vision. Little care can give you long time vision, which is a rare thing nowadays. Be special among all.

General and useful eye care tips for all

Eyes are considered as one of the most important human organ, and it’s important for us to take proper care of it. They perform vital function of making everything around us visible; due this we can make safe and confident movements. In this progressive world there are numerous new and innovative technologies coming up each day that ease our life’s and entertain us but unfortunately they are damaging our eyes also. Regularly used electronic equipments such as Television, Computer, and Cell Phone Display are constantly affecting our eyes through their harmful rays and can possibly lead us to some sort of eye sight problem.

Apart from the newly developed technologies there are some diseases that can lead to cause some serious eye injury. It is a commonly experienced matter of concern that allergies and infections often have a negative impact on our eyes. Taking appropriate care of your eyes should become an essential thing like brushing your teeth every day. Develop a habit of doing some sort of eye relaxation or eyesight improvement exercises everyday for at least 15-20 minutes; with this you can sure prevent yourself from myopia or hyper-metropia.

Below mentioned are some of the essential eye care tips that must be followed by all to take proper care of their eyes and develop better eye sight.

Make sure that your hands or cloth is clean before touching your eyes.

Use soft cotton ball to clean your eyes, and make sure that you are removing the eye make-up every time before going to sleep.

Wipe your eyes gently, do not rub them too much as this can cause irritation and redness of eyes.

Ensure that there is enough light around you while you are reading or studying sometime to reduce strain on your eyes.

To do read anything keep right in front of your eyes keep the book at a safe distance and read it.

You can also protect your eyes from harmful sun rays by using Anti-UV Sunglasses, whenever you are out in the scorching sun.

Do eye exercise regularly to train your eye nerves to get relaxed so that you can get a better vision.

Your eye exercise will include eye movement such as moving your eyes left, right, up, down, oblique left, oblique right, clockwise, and anti-clock wise repeat this with a count of 5-10 respectively.

These simple yet effective eyes exercise tips will help you improve the blood circulation towards eyes.

Make sure that you are not using any eye  medication or vitamin supplement without consulting with your doctor.

While riding a two-wheeler make sure that you are using glasses or helmet that has face protection as a better safe gear. This is to avoid road dust getting into your eyes and causes severe irritation.

Never let your eyes become dry, but if this happens it can cause severe damage to your eyes. Well if this happens what you can do is simple close your eyes for a few minutes or you can even wash your eyes with water or with tea water. Other best way to avoid dry eyes and to keep your eyes hydrated for this it is essential for you to drink plenty of water.

Eat lots of foods that high in content of vitamin A, C, and E each day.

Choose safe toys and which your kids while playing that they do not get hurt their eyes by any chance.

Follow all these necessary precautionary steps that can help you improve your eye health and most importantly your vision. Take proper care of your eyes since there are many activities that cannot be perform without proper eyesight.