The ears are found most significant constitute of the body, which detects sound. It holds the ability of hearing and acting on a particular matter. When you fail to hear anything, you fail to act on it. In short, the ear is responsible for human body performance; since, the hearing ability makes the person understand the idiom and reply or act on it. The function performed by every organ varies. Pinna is a factor, which is located inside the ear that helps reach the voice towards ear canal. With the help of this ear channel the sounds arrive to the eardrum, placed in the center part of the ear. The region of eardrum holds hammer, stirrup, anvil, partial-circular and many other workable constituents. The sounds further reach to the inner section of the ear i.e., Eustachian tube, cochlea and nerves. The nerves further take the sounds towards the brain, for the performance. This is the process, which makes the sound to understand and to act on it.

Now, you might have understood how significant the ear function is? Any damages to any parts of the ears may disturb the whole function, of the ears. An ear infection is the common complication, which a person faces; it may occur at any section of the ears. The causes of ear infections are various, but the precaution found a best option, to get prevented. I have seen most of the people placing and playing with the pointed stuff in the ears; this is one of the leading factors to cause ear infections and sometimes eardrum damage. Mostly, the center parts of the ears get affected by the otitis infections.  A swelling of eardrums due to bacteria leads to otitis issue. Children are at more risk of otitis infections. Certain types of ear infections involve itchiness, redness and inflammation of the ears. Sometimes, the ignorance may lead to severe problem, which comprises fever, a severe pain, and mucus formation. This generally occupies the center part of the ears.

Most of the time, the formation of mucus becomes so severe that it blocks the passage of sounds. In some extreme cases people lose their hearing ability power. The ear infection gradually starts with pain and further leads to itching, irritation, head pain, jaw pain, swollen face, fever, sleeping disorders, diarrhea, appetite loss, oozing of yellow discharge from the ears, etc. The ear pain may come in normal or chronic form, but any of this condition needs special care and treatments. Most of the people tend to ignore the normal ear pain, which further becomes biggest complication in the future. An untreated or ignored ear disorders may damage the eardrums and cause deafness. Sometimes, a severe hurt over the ears may damage the eardrums and could lead to ear cancer, if ignored. Certain problem comprises with instant and severe pain. A formation of ear wax stood the main reasons, for the ear pain. In certain situation, people are seen penetrating a pointed thing inside the ears, which is harmful for the ears. Instead this, one must use the removal of ear wax oil, to eliminate the ear wax easily.

Besides this, one can use natural remedies to treat a minor ear disorders, this remedy have been found running from ancient times and stood helpful for mending various ear infections. Most of the people scared to follow certain natural remedies, to treat ear disorders. It’s partially accepted, but before using certain remedies make sure that you are familiar about the remedies. Here are some of the lists that will help you out, to get rid of minor ear complication.

1) Boiled water with salt contained found helpful, to treat inflamed and itchy ear. Keep the salt water for boiling and soak it in a piece of cotton cloth, further place that cotton cloth inside the ears or cover the ears with the cloth. This will help reduce the swelling of the ears. Practice this therapy for 4 days and see the effect.

2) Add some garlic cloves in the mustard or sesame oil and keep for boiling until it turns into a brownish color. Further, place down the mixture and drop a warm mixture of this oil inside the infected ears. This mixture works fabulously to treat ear disorders. The people were usually to follow this mixture in olden days. It’s a famous and effective homemade remedy, to mend ear complication, naturally.

3) One can also make use of warm olive oil, to beat the inflamed and infected ears. It works greatly, to eliminate the fungal or ear wax problem. Warm some olive oil and put the drops inside the ears. Follow this regularly, until the conditions get mended.

4) I have also seen people using apple cider vinegar, to treat ear infections. Mix some drop of vinegar in the water and soak it with the cotton ball. Further, place this cotton ball inside the ears and remove out after sometimes.

5) Most of the people found using onion juice, to get rid of infected ears; it’s an olden homemade remedy, which was used by the people, to treat ear infection in yesterdays. Mix some onion piece in the water and keep for boiling. Further, filter the water and drop it in the infected ears. You can also soak a cotton ball and place inside the ears. This remedy works marvelously, to treat and cure various minor ear infections.

6) I have found many of the people using the mango leaves juice. I know it sounds strange, but the fact revealed after using this mixture. Put some leaves in the water and keep for boiling. Further, drop the mild warm water, in the infected ears. You can also soak a cotton ball and place inside the ears.

7) One can also make use of tea tree oil. This is again stood beneficial and effective oil for healing the infectious attack. Make a mixture of olive oil, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar, soak it in the cotton ball and place it inside the infected ears. It works excellently to treat minor ear disorders.


Berries are nothing, but a form of fruits, which comes in a small round shape in various colors category. If, I talk about berries I know you feel greedy, to eat it. Consuming blueberries, blackberries, red berries, etc. are good for the health, but most of the berries are found poisonous, to consume. The berries, which take growth in tropical forest area, are found harmful for the health. One must not use such berries to consume. Well, the looks of such berries will greed you to eat, but these berries are not those healthiest berries, which is beneficial for the health. Certain berries called Atropa belladonna, moonseed, Sambucus (elderberry), lily of the valley, mezereon, flax-leaved Daphne, etc. are found harmful for the health.

Certain berries get generated in the United States, Africa, Australia, India, etc. Well, these berries can’t be consumed, but are used for making poison. Somewhat, it is also used to manufacture cosmetic and (poisonous) medicines. Well, these berries and their parts like leaves, roots, etc. were might be used for external purpose, but internal purpose I haven’t noticed yet. This is just to let you know that consuming certain berries may be fatal for your life; since, most of the people tend to try something new, when they go for outing in hilly regions. Once you visit to such place you will surely get one of these berries, around you. Do mark my words, certain berries might attract you to have, but keeping patience would be appreciable. I am making you know about these berries; so that you can keep your child away from it. As far as I have seen, children are more greed to have certain stuff to which they are unknown. They are not familiar about the stuff, but tend to intake it without any hesitation. Here, I have listed some poisonous names of berries and its effect.

Poisonous white baneberry

It is called Actaea pachypoda found in North America. The growth takes place up to 50cm or sometimes more than that. Further, this gets generated in marshy land holding loamy soil. Its white Blossom gets generated in spring season. It further, turns out white berry in a round shape with a black point in the center. So, by observing this it gets the dub name called “dolls eyes”. The entire parts of this plant along with berry are poisonous for the human health.  Its intake may damage the cardiac muscle tissue; since, it holds cardiogenic toxins, which may lead to loss of the life.

Poisonous nightshade

Poisonous nightshade, which is also called Atropa belladonna found in Africa, America, and Asia. This plant has been used for poison, medicine and cosmetic purpose from past olden days. It takes growth in a fleshy thrown form, spread around 2 meters wide and 17 meters tall. The blossom of this plant can be seen in a fusion of purple and green color with a bell shape. The berries of this plant appear in black color, which is dangerous for human health. The consumption of 2-3 berries may take the life, of a person. Well, the children are found more at risk; since, it holds sweet taste and attractive features. It may lead to improper function of heart beats, nervous system, breathing, etc.

Convallaria majalis

You can also pronounce it by the name called “lily of the valley”. It is an extremely poisonous plant takes growth in hemisphere area of Asia, Europe, United States, etc.  The growth of this plant can extend from 15-25 cm long, holding the belly shaped blossom on the stream. It holds red or orange color deadly berries in small round shape.  It’s intake may give stomach ache, vomiting, cardiac disorders, etc. Well, one must keep their children away; since, the red fruit of this plant attracts the children to eat. It’s a highly toxic loaded plant, which is stated harmful for human health.

Poisonous sambucus

One can also pronounce it by the name of elderberry. It takes growth in the moderate subtropical area found mostly in Australia, America, etc. The berries are found clutched with leaflets and flowers. It holds a bunch of berries in black, blue and red color. You may hardly get it in yellow or white color. Well, the berries stood poisonous for human health; since, it holds cyanide comprising glycosides, which leads to improper metabolism system. It may infect the digestive tract causing diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc.

Poisonous Daphne gnidium

It’s another nickname is flax-leaved Daphne. It takes growth in hilly areas and in the Mediterranean region. It holds white flower with dark green leaves and orange colored berries. It takes growth in autumn season. Whole plant and each parts of it are found loaded with poison. If, you get in touch with the plant the skin disorders called dermatitis is sure. Its consumption doesn’t affect instantly, but perhaps lead to some health disorders after 6 hours. This is a highest toxic contain plant; its intake may be found fatally; if not treated. Children are at more risk, so keep away your children from its contact.

Poisonous moonseed

You can also use the name called Menispermum; this plant falls in climbing category. It takes growth around 5-19 cm long and holds black poisonous berries. It may take growth in any area, but you need to keep your children away from it. Its intake may lead to fatality, of the life.

Poisonous Mezereon

It is also named as Daphne mezereum, grows 2 meters long and holds supple leaves. It is found loaded with red color an extremely poisonous berry.  Its intake may give a choked throat, mucus formation and vomiting.


Most of the couples face miscarriage problem in first pregnancy; it is a quite common issue found 20 to 30% approximately. Miscarriage is nothing, but a sudden loss of the fetus (pregnancy) due to certain reason. It has become usual with every first pregnancy, which becomes difficult for the couple to face. Well, as we understand that people keep various desires after getting pregnant and sudden loss of the baby may disturb the whole mind concept. However, a miscarriage doesn’t mean that a woman can’t conceive the baby again. Surely women can get pregnant again, but one needs to take extreme care. It has been noticed that the chances of miscarriages are more in the first three months of pregnancy. Means a woman can face the miscarriages stage before 20 weeks of pregnancy. A woman after miscarriages carries certain questions and reveals it to the doctor. The first and obvious question “can I get pregnant again?” doctor needs to reply with kind and love. Sometimes after miscarriage, it takes long time to get pregnant again. One can plan their re-pregnancy after getting healed completely with physically and mentally. Well, health wise, one can recover very soon after miscarriages. After some weeks or a month, you can get your menstrual duration regularly. Not commonly, but yes you can get the chance to become pregnant after miscarriage, when you get the first menstrual cycle. Before you plan for second pregnancy after miscarriage, make everything clear between you and your partner.

Make sure that you are mentally and physically prepared to get a second chance, of pregnancy. I can say getting pregnant is not easy and the certain situation, which a woman faces during pregnancy, is very complicated. A partner should understand his wife and stands beside her on every now and then situation. A pregnancy is a stage where a care and love of partner is must. Sometimes, miscarriages affect badly, which fails to get re-pregnant soon. The recovery may last for 1 or more than one year. This generally happens with a weak and sensitive woman. One needs to go under medication process, to get healthy and liable to get pregnant again. However, there are certain cautious steps, which you have to follow, to get pregnant again.

1) In case, you have gone through one miscarriage, then you have to wait for minimum 6 months, to get pregnant again. This is actually suggested to follow, but the studies disclose something else, it says a woman can plan to get pregnant within six months. This would be helpful to get pregnant easily and also trims down the pregnancy difficulties. You can plan to get re-pregnant after getting healed of miscarriage; considering some 3 to 4 months. Actually the research has indicated that the chances of conceiving baby are more after 4 months of miscarriage.

2) Sometimes, a woman faces second miscarriages or more than that. I know this brings the confidence level down and more anxious. For female getting pregnant stood a big deal. If, in case you face more than one miscarriage, then you really need to consult a gynecologist for the reason. They may help you out to get conceived the baby. They will ask you to go under certain test, to know ‘why you fail to get pregnant’ and ‘what makes you face miscarriages again and again’. Well, they may also ask the partner (man) to get tested amongst women; since this will help get the clear idea of miscarriages and help ease down the treatment. After, the test the treatment procedure may last for some days, which may trim down the miscarriage risk.

3) Sometimes, a formation of tumor takes place in the uterus, which affects the fetus growth and could lead, to miscarriages. After getting confirmed about this, the doctor may ask you to wait more than a year, to get pregnant.

4) However, the reasons behind miscarriages are enormous, but one needs to know the fact and go for the treatment, to get rid of miscarriages. Sometimes, a re-pregnant plan lasts for years and years. I can say 5 or sometimes 10 years; well, in certain situation one need to hold patience. I know this stage is quite hectic, stressful for woman’s life, but certain cases are found very rarely. Well, the family history may consider a secondary risk factor of miscarriages.

5) Sometimes, a severe disease may be the factor to cause miscarriages. So, one should treat the disease as soon as possible, to get healthy pregnancy.

6) Besides this, a healthy diet and exercise is mandatory, to get pregnant again. This is a situation where a woman desire, to eat all rubbish things. Just mark the point, your diet matters a lot for healthy fetus development, and after miscarriage, it widely matters. One needs to concentrate on their diet while planning for re-pregnant, after miscarriage. Try to consume vegetables and fruits daily, cut down the habit of smoking and alcohol consumption. Well, this suggestion is for both men and women; since, this may be the additional factors, to get defected baby and could bring down the chances of healthy pregnancy. Women, who smokes may get the risk of miscarriages.

7) An exercise may be helpful, to get pregnant again after miscarriages. A regular exercise helps keep flexible and energetic body. A woman must practice meditation or yoga daily, to frame calm mind. Most of the women get extremely depressed after miscarriages; I think hanging out to the natural place, performing daily exercise (meditation or yoga) may help out to get rid of sadness.

8) Keep a regular check up to the doctor, to know whether you have conceived or got pregnant or not. I know it’s very tough to manage re-pregnancy after miscarriage, but one need to face the situation, to take the second chance. Lastly, a care and patience are mandatory, in this situation.


The Braces are a device, which is used to shape the improper positioned teeth. The braces are stated by the name called orthodontics; it helps level the improper placed teeth and mends its position. You might have seen most of the people hold improper positioned teeth, as like the upper jaw moves outside and sometimes the lower jaw peep outside. In short, orthodontics braces help mend the cross bites, under bites, open bites, overbites, deep bites and several other dental regarding issues. Braces can be seen in cosmetic form or structural form. Braces are a form of structural treatments, which gives bit pressure over the teeth and helps bring it at a right position. This treatment not only mends the position of the teeth, but it also improves the look of your smile. Most of the people hold good teeth, but some dental defects spoil its look. If, in case you hold any teeth defects consult the doctor for its repair. Any age groups can go under orthodontics treatments; getting treated in small age would be better; since, this will help to mend the teeth in small age and you don’t have to face certain structural treatment procedure, in teenage. We know that holding braces on the teeth looks very embarrassing, especially while smiling or speaking. This embarrassment makes the people less talkative and smiley. Hence, treating it in early age would be good, to enjoy teenage life. This stood one type of dental disorder, which can get mend easily after structural treatments. A small metal wire is placed over the teeth, to mend improperly positioned teeth. In certain situation, one needs to be extra careful; since, the procedure may take years and years, to get treated. The longevity of the structural placement lasts for 2 to 3 years. Well, there are many types of braces, which a person can use, to treat their improper dental placements.
Metallic braces-economical price and can be observed easily.

Ceramic braces –this brace is found quite expensive and less visible comparing with metallic braces. Lingual braces-same looks like metallic braces, but are placed inside the teeth, which are invisible at all, but are found difficult to clean. It is an expensive treatment, comparing with metallic and ceramic braces.

Invisalign- it is finished up of hard plastic, which can be placed and can be removed easily. One can remove it on every two weeks for cleaning purpose and can be placed again. This is only for adults and teenagers, not for children. One needs to take an extreme care of this brace; avoid consuming any hard stuff. This brace is invisible and found difficult to notice.
However, after the placement of braces one needs to take extra care of their teeth; since, it becomes difficult to clean the stuff stuck, in the teeth. Avoid consuming such stuff, which gets attached or trapped over the metal wire and teeth. People, undergoing an orthodontic treatment need to follow certain procedures, to keep their teeth and braces clean.

• Brush your teeth
In orthodontics treatments, one needs to maintain a regular brushing of the teeth. After, every meal tries to clean your teeth and braces, regularly; this will help prevent from gum bleeding, teeth bleeding and yellowness. Generally, when you eat anything it gets stuck in the brace whose ignorance may lead, to stinking teeth. So, do make this habit to clean your teeth by the help of brush, to remove the trapped stuff out form the brace. Furthermore, it depends on which type of orthodontics brace you have been treated through. If, you have gone through lingual braces, then you have to keep cleaning your teeth very keenly; since, the stuff gets stuck very easily and becomes difficult, to take out.

• Eat healthy and non-sticky food
Try eating non-sticky food in orthodontics treatments; since, the chances of paleness, gum bleeding, jaw pain, cavity formation are found more in certain condition. So, to get prevented from certain dental disorders try consuming non-sticky foods; an oily food and the stuff loaded with cheese are considered a sticky food. The consumption of certain food gets stuck in the teeth very deeply and slowly leads, to cavity formation. So, this makes difficult to remove the stuff in orthodontics treatments.

• Drink plenty of water
Drinking plenty full of water stood one of the easiest and best ways, to maintain proper dental health. As you consume anything it gets stuck over the teeth, when you will drink water it will get eliminated and washes away, easily. People, who go under orthodontics (braces placements), should avoid continues eating; eat once, but sufficiently. If, I talk about water it means only water, not soft drinks. Consuming soft drinks enhance the risk of cavities or germ formation and in braces holding teeth the chances are seen more. So, try drinking water regularly; since, it helps reduce the stinking smells, of the mouth. So, a dental brace holder must add this habit, to get healthy and germs free teeth.

• Hold a cleaning kit
Usually, when you go under orthodontics treatments your doctor gives you a type of cleaning kit, which you must use it to clean your braces, every day. This kit makes you indulge in lots of work. The kits hold various devices, which helps eliminate the stuff stuck inside the teeth and prevent from cavities or germ formation. Further, one can also invest in water picker; since, it works efficiently, to eliminate the sticky stuff out from the teeth and also helps clean the teeth, properly. There is a stuff called disposal picker; one can carry this picker anywhere with them, in case if you have eaten something, you can use this picker to take out the trapped stuff, out from the teeth. People, holding braces over the teeth manage to eat limited; since, they need to go for brushing the teeth every now and then. However, in certain situation the disposal picker works well, to clean the trapped stuff out from the braces and teeth.


The brain is most important part of body as all thoughts, imagination and dreams are originate in the brain. It has the ability to plan, think and communicate. Hence, it is also referred as central processing unit. It plays a crucial role in various functions such as controls heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, temperature and other important functions. In fact, it acts as a co-coordinator between all your physical and mental faculties. Hence, if something happens wrong with such an important function of our body, person needs to suffer from many problems. Brain tumor is one kind of life threatening disease. People are not much aware about the symptoms, as early symptoms are some kind of same with other diseases.

Thus, this disease is often neglected at initial stage and become severe if left untreated. Brain tumor is usually defined as an abnormal growth of cells in the brain. There are primarily two types of tumor that are primary and secondary. Tumors that begin to grow in the brain are known as primary. Whereas, the tumor spread from a cancerous part of the body to the brain are called as secondary or metastatic tumor. Different types of brain tumors occurs, some of them are noncancerous (benign), while others are cancerous (malignant). In fact, secondary tumor is always malignant.


Each patient experiences different symptoms, Symptoms changes according to the tumor’s size, location and rate of growth. Below listed are some of the commonly observed symptoms:

  • New onset or change in form of headache
  • Headache that gradually become more frequent or more critical
  • Unexplained Nausea
  • Unexplained vomiting
  • Blurred vision, double vision, loss of peripheral vision
  • Raised intracranial pressure
  • Uncoordinated movements in muscles
  • Changes in personality or behavior
  • Drowsiness
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Decrease in cardiac and respiratory function
  • Varied mental status
  • Seizures
  • Paralysis of nerves or half of the body
  • Endocrine problems such diabetes or hormone regulation
  • Speech difficulties
  • Confusion in every matters


Studies have found that men’s are at a major risk of developing this life threatening disease as compared to women. These diseases not only take place among older people but also young children are suffering from this disease. Ages, gender, heredity, exposure to hazardous chemicals, viruses, injury, hormones, occupational and environmental factors are some of the risk factors that are associated with this disease.


Usually when a brain tumor is diagnosed, a medical team is constituted in order to access the treatment options recommend by the leading surgeon to treat the patient. In this medical condition of the brain, normally the option of “do-nothing” is avoided. Neurosurgeons take enough time to observe the evolution of the tumor before suggesting a management plant to the patient and his relatives. In short, various types of treatment are decided depending on tumor type and location, and may be combined to give best possibilities of survival.


Surgery is considered to be the usual course of action for most brain tumors. In order to eradicate a brain tumor, neurosurgeon induces an opening in the skull. This operation is also known as craniotomy. Mostly the surgeon tries his best to remove the entire tumor. In some cases, if the tumor is not removed completely without damaging vital brain tissue, doctor may eradicate the tumor as much as possible. Partial removal assists to get rid of symptoms by decreasing the pressure on brain and also reduce the degree of tumor to be tackled by radiation therapy or chemotherapy. In cases, when tumors are not removed, then doctors make use of biopsy method. In this method, a small piece of tumor is removed.

This method helps a pathologist to identify it under a microscope to decide the types of cells it contains. Sometimes biopsy is done with the help of needle. Doctors use variety of techniques such as head frame, CT scans or MRI in order to pinpoint the exact location of the tumor. When biopsy is done with the help of these techniques is called as stereotaxis. In addition, Brain mapping is another advance form of technique is utilized during surgery to discover functional pathways near tumor.

Radiation Therapy:-

This treatment makes utilized of high-powered rays in order to damage harmful cancer cells and basically block them from growing. It is also known by name radiotherapy. This method is believed to be quiet effective to destroy tumor tissues, which often become difficult while surgery to kill or eradicate cancer cells. Radiation therapy is used as an alternative for surgery. This particular therapy can be conducted in two ways. External radiation derives from large machine, and the treatment period of external radiation is either for 5 days or for several weeks.

In short, it depends on the type, size of tumor and age of patient. If, total dose of radiation is extended helps to protect healthy tissues that are placed in the area of tumor. Apart from these, the gamma knife and stereotactic radiosurgery are another form of treatment that is also use to treat brain tumors. The gamma knife is not a kind of a knife, but a type of radiation therapy technique, and is given one session. High energy is main vision of this treatment. However, it is observed that high dose of radiation is also beneficial as it does not cause any damage to other brain tissues.


This technique makes use of drugs to kill cancer cells. The doctors may utilized either one drug or in a combination, either by orally or by injection and are given in the blood vessels or muscles. Chemotherapy usually follows a cycle. Treatment period is depends on recovery. In short another treatment does not start, until one completes. In this treatment, patient needs to stay only in hospital. Since, drugs are given only in clinic. When advances are use in chemotherapy include direct placement into the tumor cavity with the help of new technique, is known as convection enhanced delivery.