10 benefits of yoga to lead a beautiful ahead

Yoga is such a wonderful form of exercise which not only makes you feel good but it also produces amazing health benefits to almost all of the bodily systems. Our increasingly stressful and inactive lifestyles have led to various heart diseases becoming the number one health issue plaguing the world. There are lots of psychosomatic diseases, heart problems almost always start with the lifestyle and state of mind.

The circulatory system is comprised of the heart and blood vessels. As the heart contracts it sends blood to the lungs where oxygen is picked up, then this oxygen enriched blood is send back to the heart which pumps it around to every cell in the body. After nourishing the cells of the body the oxygen depleted blood returns to the heart which pumps it back to the lung to receive more oxygen and the cycle begins again.

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that benefits the entire circulatory system, conveying blood to various parts of the body. By practicing yoga regularly you will improve the circulation of blood in your body. Daily yoga stretching exercises will help you regenerate the blood. Yoga exercises stretch all the major blood vessels, by keeping them free-flowing and elastic.

A complete yoga breathing exercise oxygenates the blood and helps fresh nutrients to reach all the peripheral blood vessels and capillaries. Yoga improves the circulation of blood means that it allows blood to flow within various parts of the body so that it functions well without any interruption. It supplies appropriate amount of blood and nutrients to all those vital organs for their optimal functioning.

Here we will read some more health benefits of practicing yoga regularly;

Weight loss

Obesity and over-weight is the growing trouble among many individuals. Fortunately, yoga benefits here too. Regular practicing of sun salutation and kapal bharti pranayama will surely help you lose some extra weight. More over with regular practice of it will also help you stay away from all the other health complications that you may have to face.

Better flexibility & posture

Yoga increase the body flexibility as you decide to practice it daily. It also help you muscle toning and fiving proper same to your body. It enhances your body posture, your sleeping ability, and also your mood. This way it helps you to relive your body pain.

Improved immunity

Human body system is a flawless blend of the body mind and soul. Any irregularity in the body can affect or upset your mind and similarly restlessness and unpleasantness in the mind can manifest can cause disorder in the body.

Stress relief

Spending few minutes for yoga during the day will prove to be of great way to help you get rid of daily accumulated stress in both your body as well as your mind. Practicing yoga postures, pranayama and meditation are said to be effective techniques to release stress. With the help of your instructor you may also learn the technique of detoxifying your body and distressing your mind.

Better intuition

Yoga has the power to improve your spontaneousness, so that you are easily able to analyze what is needed to be done, when and how. It seriously works all you need to do it practice and experience it by yourself.

Better relationships

Yoga can help you improve and develop better relationship with your parent, spouse, colleague and all other loved ones in your life. A mind that is relaxed, happy and contended is able to deal better with various sensitive relationship matters. It works majorly on keeping your mind, happy and peaceful. It greatly benefits you from strengthening special bonds with all the special people around you.

Living with greater awareness

Our mind is continually involved in activity swinging between the past to the future, but it never stays in the present. by keeping this tendency away from our mind, we can actually

save ourselves from getting stressed or worked up and rather relax our mind. Practicing pranayama helps to build that consciousness and brings your mind back to the present moment, where you can stay content and focused.

Inner peace

We often try to reach out to different places that are peaceful with beautiful scenery and rich in natural beauty, but little do we realize that all this can be found right within us and we can easily take a mini-vacation to experience this at any time of the day. It is also said to be one of the best way to calm a disturbed mind.

Increased energy

At time when you feel drained out yoga can help you boosts up your energy level. Practicing a few minutes of yoga everyday will provide you with the feeling of freshness and energetic after a long day full of deadline and commitment. 10 minutes for meditation between your hectic schedules can be a great booster for you to overcome this situation.

Gives an all-round fitness

You are said to be truly healthy only when you are mentally, physically and emotionally balanced. Somebody has cleverly said, “Health is not a mere absence of disease, but it is a dynamic expression of life – in terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you are.” This is where yoga helps you with postures, pranayama (breathing technique), and meditation are holistic fitness package.

Understand yoga is a continuous process therefore, keep on practicing it. The more you move into it the more profound are its benefit.