Multiple Oily Skin Causes and Remedies

No one wants oily skin by choice. Oily skin causes many problems. This skin type is much prone to skin disorders. This is biggest drawback of having oily skin. Oil on skin causes shine that looks bad and affects looks also. Moreover, skin pores are more visible in people with oily skin. Pores look bad. Actually sebaceous glands are very active in oily skin people. Sebaceous glands are sebum secreting glands. They are useful to keep skin and hair lubricating. However, when these glands become too much active, it becomes a problem. Excess oil on skin is not good and creates hell lot of problems.

You may want to know the causes of oily skin in people? Especially if you are suffering from oily skin problems, then knowing the reason behind it becomes all the more genuine. Here are mentioned some causes of oily skin. Have a look:

Oily skin has a great connection with diet. Diet plays major role in deciding the texture of your skin. There are certain foods that cause oiliness and also turn skin oily. Intake of junk foods is done in high amount nowadays. Junk foods are one big reason behind oily skin. These foods miss on essential vitamins that are must to have to avoid oiliness. Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits have all essentials minerals and vitamins that keep control on oiliness. They are good for skin and also give prevention against skin disorders.

Use of cosmetics on a regular basis also leads to oily skin. More especially, if the products quality is not high, skin becomes oily and greasiness can be seen on skin. The use of cosmetics should be done minimal. When use, make sure high quality products you are using. After all, it is about your skin. So, be fully cautious.

Hormones also cause oily skin. Over production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone in the body causes sebaceous glands hyperactive. Overactive sebaceous glands are bound to secrete oil in excess causing skin oily. A proper treatment is required to be taken in this case.

Many people have oily skin due to hereditary issue. If your family has been suffering from oily skin issues from generations then your chances of getting oily skin double highly. For hereditary related issues, there are different treatments. Go to your physician and seek proper treatment.

Oily skin is also one of causes of environment you live in. People residing in hot surroundings usually have oily skin. Hot environment makes skin sensitive and stimulates sebaceous glands. Active sebaceous glands secrete oil and make skin oily. Sweating is also a cause of oily skin. Hot surrounding make person sweat a lot, hence skin becomes oily.

There are so many factors that lead to oily skin. Keeping skin clean all the time is best remedy to get rid of it and its disadvantages. Oily skin attracts dirt, hence cleaning is important from time to time. If required, people should take treatment from physician. Whatever skin type you have, the best comes out only when proper care is taken. So, take of your skin and enjoy it!