Calcium is one of the main and essential parts of the minerals, which are abundantly required, to maintain a healthy body. It is one of the key components, to promote healthy and strong bones. Around 99% of calcium is absorbed in the bones and teeth, and remaining 1% gets dissolved in the blood. The presence of 1% calcium plays a great role, to facilitate the metabolic, and blood flow system. A sufficient intake of calcium improves the strength of the bones, which fails to damage the bones, after getting hurt. However, a human body holds 206 numbers of bones including arms, legs, chest, head, and vertebral column. The formation of bone varies according, to the growing age. Comparatively, the presence of bones in small developing children may be less in numbers than the developed one. Calcium is not only helpful for the bones, but it also helps in clotting the blood, muscle growth, proper nerve conduction, and blood pressure stabilization.  However, the studies specified the daily intake of calcium according, to the age groups.

  • 1300 mg for the age of 9-20
  • 1000 mg for adult beyond the age of 20-50
  • 1200 mg for above 50
  • 1500 mg for post-menopausal female

Benefits of calcium intake daily

Calcium carries a huge benefit, to promote strong and active bones; a body, which holds sufficient amount of calcium, faces less risk of osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other bone disorders. Some of the benefits of calcium intake daily are listed below.  

  • Strong bones

People consuming calcium rich food get healthy, strong, and active bones. They face fewer problems of bone disorders called osteoporosis and arthritis. Around 99% of calcium is present in the bones and teeth, which shows that the bones are the main functioning parts, of the body. A, adequate amount of calcium, present in the body prevents the bones, from getting feeble and inactive. An athletic player should be more conscious about their bones; since, they get more chances of bone disorders. An ample level of calcium existence, in the body reduces the possibility of inflammation and joint pain issues. Moreover, calcium intake brings strong and healthy teeth. People come up with fewer complain of tooth ache. Calcium rich teeth may get less possibility of gum bleeding, teeth fall, feeble teeth, etc. In short, calcium plays an essential role to maintain strong, energetic, healthy, and flexible bone.

  • Cut down the blood pressure level

Consuming calcium may help bring down the blood pressure level? A hypertensive person should consume calcium and vitamin D sufficiently daily, to stabilize the blood pressure level, which results reduction in anxiety and relief from nervousness. The presence of calcium in the blood flows towards the brain, which calms down the mental stress, of the brain. However, a control on blood pressure level results healthy heart, healthy brain, efficient blood flow, etc. Some of the studies examine that woman consuming sufficient amounts of calcium during pregnancy may get normal delivery, and could get healthy with strong bone baby. However, a woman should consume 1500 mg of calcium during pregnancy, and after delivery of the baby.


  • Skin benefit

A required level of calcium, present in the body may assist, to heal the wounds, soon. It reduces many of the skin problem called eczema, red or white patches, etc. However, according to the studies, it has been noticed that the people who lack calcium, may get the risk of leukoderma; since, leukoderma occurs due to the deficiency, of calcium. Lack of calcium inactive the ‘melanin’ formation, which results various skin disorders. Hence, one must consume the required level, of calcium daily.

  • Prevent from cancer

Deficiency of calcium may lead, to colon cancer. It also leads, to osteoporosis problem. Usually, no one consumes a sufficient amount of calcium daily, but consuming any of the mineral rich food would be beneficial, to mend various health problem.

  • Beneficial for female

An intake of calcium rich food for women would be supportive, to get rid of menstrual pain, body pain, harsh bleeding, etc. It’s a suggestion for the women, to consume calcium rich food; since, it is highly required during menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, after delivery, etc. However, a daily calcium intake for the women differs according, to the men.

Calcium rich foods

Almost, all the foodstuffs contain some amount, of calcium level. Green vegetables, fruits, etc. may be found more supportive, to enhance the level of calcium, naturally. However, one need to add calcium rich stuffs daily, to get strong bones. Further, dairy products such as milk, curd, etc. are found highly rich in calcium. Drinking a glass of milk daily is one of the best sources, to enhance the level of the calcium; since, one glass of milk holds 300 mg level, of calcium. Further, consuming fish thrice in a week may give you a sufficient amount of calcium; since, fish are found 99% rich in calcium. Consuming omega 3 fatty acids fish would be more helpful, to boost the level of calcium. Nuts, egg, soy, tofu; dark green leafy vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, etc. are the best source, to improve the level of calcium, naturally. Consuming such stuffs would be more helpful and supportive, rather than consuming calcium tablets.

Insufficiency of calcium

However, an insufficiency of calcium may lead, to many health defaults. It largely affects the bone structure, which results unhealthy, feeble and inactive bones. Deficiency of calcium enhances the problem of osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other bone disorders. Further, people may also face an improper flow of blood, abdomen pain, unhealthy body, weak bones, fragile, loose, and yellow teeth; high blood pressure, etc. due to lack of calcium. People carrying insufficient amount of calcium are more likely, to get leukoderma skin problem and could find difficult, to heal the wounds. Calcium shortage may also cause colon cancer and could bring down unhealthy immune function. Its scarcity reduces the growth of the hair and makes the hair unhealthy. It enhances hair loss problem.