Natural Therapies To Stop Runny Nose

A runny nose seems to be unwanted and unpredictable irritation, which gets arrive at any seasons; especially in the winter and rainy seasons. It’s a type of annoying and embarrassing disorders, which fails to manage a daily work. It’s a common symptoms of cold cough not comprises regularly, but rarely. Runny nose gets linked with the watery eyes; one can get continues emission of water from the eyes and nose both and results red eyes and nose. This is the condition, which brings irritated mind, eye pain, itchy nose, headache, fiver, etc. you won’t be able to perform your work properly due to a persistent flow of water through the eyes and nose. I know it’s a very frustrating issue, every now and then you need to hold the hanky, over the face. Runny nose is not only the causes of the common cold; in fact certain allergies and viruses too found responsible for runny nose. I have gone through it and I know how irritating the condition is. You may get your face turn into full reddish color. Common cold is found one of the biggest facts for runny nose; since, it holds the rhinovirus. Further, certain allergic reactions may lead to runny nose; this is not a seasonal allergic reaction in fact it includes, dust particles, smell of perfumes, flowers, etc. A sinus complications may comprises the runny nose as a symptom; however, it’s not mandatory that a sinus sufferer must have a runny nose issue. Sometime, changes in the weather lead to runny nose due to viruses. You know sometimes people found allergic of certain foods, which brings runny nose issue. I have seen most of the people allergic, to spicy food after consuming a bite they start with a runny nose. Well, the conditions of runny nose last for a week or more than that, but the precautions and treatments may solve the problem soon. I think, before going to medication treatment, one must try home remedies, to treat and cure the infection.

Ginger holds antibiotic, antiseptic, antibacterial effects, which works marvelously to treat several infectious diseases, naturally. Ginger usage is running from the olden days; people, were keen to use ginger, to treat common cold disorders. Ginger tea found helpful to treat cold cough and runny nose. Add the remedy three times in a day. Not much a half cup will be sufficient; if, you want you can add salt into it for the taste.

Salt gargling
Salt water gargling is the most common and known homemade remedies, which is practiced by every Indian during infectious attack. We can say it’s a most effective olden remedy, which were used by the people in olden days, to get rid of seasonal viruses attack. Warm some water by adding salt in it and do gargling. In a day three times would be sufficient to see the effect. You can find a bit relief from irritated throat and cold cough. This may indirectly reduce the runny nose issue.

Garlic is an another stuff, which holds various antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal effects found helpful, to treat infectious diseases. You may use garlic to get rid of winter viruses as like cold cough, sore throat, etc. Crushed some garlic and add a spoon of lemon juice and honey. Grind the mixture well and take a sip. Further, boil some water by adding 5 cloves of garlic and a tea-spoon of honey in it. Drink this mixture twice or thrice daily, to get relief from infectious attack. You may find this remedy helpful in mending runny nose and cold cough problem.

Honey is the nature gift found loaded with enormous health benefits; it contains a great soothing effect. One can get rid of infections, sore throat, could cough and several other seasonal viruses attack. Take a gap of three hours and consume a mixture of honey and lemon. You know this mixture stood most effective homemade remedy running from yesterdays for soothing of sore throat, cold cough, runny nose, etc. The research stated that honey holds the great effect of killing bacteria and curing the infectious diseases.

Red onion syrup
I know it sounds strange, but the fact is red onion soups works fabulously, to treat seasonal viruses. You just have to crush an onion adding honey and brown sugar in it. You need to keep the mixture for two days until it turns into thick form. Further, have this mixture like syrup thrice in a day.

You might know the cinnamon; a most usable herb in Indian dishes. Cinnamon too found beneficial for soothing the infectious diseases. Add cinnamon powder and cloves in a glass of water and keep it for boiling. Further, drink it in the state of warm condition after filtering. Follow this process thrice in a day. You can get relief from common cold and runny nose, for some extent.

Mullein tea
I think nothing can be worked well, then a hot cup of mullein tea. Add a cup of mullein tea in the morning and evening time, to get mend the condition of sore throat, cold cough, etc. I don’t know whether you are familiar about mullein or not, but as far as I know people use mullein tea as a naturally remedy, to get relief from infectious diseases. Mix some mullein powder in the water and keep for boiling; further, place it down and filter the mixture. Add some spoon of honey in the mixture and drink it warm. You can consume this mixture twice in a day.

Black pepper and fenugreek
Try the mixture of fenugreek and black pepper. Make a tea of this mixture, filter it and consume it. Try it and see whether it works or not. It has been found that most of the herbs work fabulously, to treat certain viruses and infectious diseases. An olden day’s people make it more famous, which gradually becomes a soothing homemade remedy.