Red wine is one type of wine and it is made from dark-colored grape varieties. The red color of wine occurs from anthocyan pigment found in the skin of the grape. Actually red wine is considerably good for health. It is one of the forms of alcohol, which do not harm the body. However, drinking any alcoholic beverage in excess quantity may injurious for health. So, consume red wine in moderation only that is not more than 24 ounces per day. Red wine is made from a fruit that is rich in antioxidant. It is often considered as powerhouse of antioxidant because the high level of antioxidant called “resveratrol” present in the seeds and skins of processed and fermented grapes during the exhaustive process of making red wine. A naturally derived red wine contain host of ingredients such as reveratrol, flavoinoid and non-flavonoids which keeps body healthy without any adverse side effects, only if the consumption is in moderation. However the list benefits of drinking red wine are mentioned below:


1)   Good for Heart:-

Heart diseases are very common now a days. Many people follow some of the natural remedies to prevent it. But, very few people are aware about that, red wine server as a healthy beverage to prevent heart diseases. The revesratrol content present in red wine reduces the saturated fat accumulated in the arteries. It also contains flavonoids and sapponins which protect from several cardiovascular diseases. If it is consume in moderation, then helps to raise your level of good cholesterol and also prevent formation of blood clots.

2)   Prevent Cancer:-

According to studies, drinking red wine in moderation can prevent cancer. The antioxidant present in red wine helps to prevent the oxidative damage responsible for the process of aging and for many degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Apart from these, Guercetin antioxidant found in red wine prevent lung cancer. Research has also proved that the resveratrol antioxidant attacks cancerous cells and conquers their ability to function.

3)   Reduces mortality at some extent:-

The most amazing health benefit of red wine is that, it increases the life span at certain extent. But, it is possible when red wine consume regularly in moderate amount. It ensures prolong mortality as well as improve health.

4)   Brings down cholesterol:-

Some people consume high amount of cheese and foods that have high saturated fat regularly. Due to which their metabolic rate remains always high. This is because; red wine can be a great option to lower the cholesterol content and to avoid the accumulation of saturated fat.

5)   Prevent tooth decay:-

The polyphenols substance present in red wine prevents gum disease. It even helps to treat tooth decay by reducing inflammation in the gums and by hardening the enamel.

6)   Stabilizes blood sugar level:-

Studies indicate that Moderate intake of red wine prevent type 2 diabetes. The resveratrol substance present in red wine stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas which in turn consequently reduces the glucose level in the blood.

7)   Promote peaceful sleep:-

Red wine gives peaceful sleep due to melatonin substance present in it. The melatonin substance encourages your body clock and keeps you healthy. So, the best way to get a peaceful sleep, consume a moderate amount of red wine that is around 50 to 100 ml before bedtime.

8)   Prevents degenerative diseases:-

The high content of antioxidant called resveratrol present in red wine has anti inflammatory properties which protect the body from various diseases caused by inflammation. Red wine is often regarded as the ‘fountain of youth’ as it reduces the chances of getting degenerative, neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, being powerhouse of antioxidant, it enhances blood supply to the cells and combat against the reactive oxidants in the body. It calls on the self-survival pathways of cells and prevents from damage to them.

9)   Reduces the possibilities of stroke:-

According to research, drinking red wine in moderation reduces the possibilities of a person suffering from a potentially critical stroke. It is often believed that, people who consume red wine have lower level of fibrinogen, which raises the chances of a blood clot.

10)        Prevents disease of Atherosclerosis:-

The disease of Atherosclerosis is also known as arteriosclerotic vascular disease or ASVD. It is a particular form of arteriosclerosis in which artery wall get thickens due to the accumulation of calcium and fatty materials such as cholesterol and triglyceride. This condition reduces the elasticity of the artery walls and therefore allows less blood to travel through. It creates bottleneck in the arteries. Thus, atherosclerosis is potentially dangerous as it increases the chances of many life threatening afflictions such as high blood pressure, stroke and cardiac diseases. Hence, the red wine can be a great solution as it assists to lower the LDL cholesterol and reduces the chances of cholesterol accumulation as well.

11)        Prevent common cold:-

According to research moderate intake of red wine can prevent nose block that is caused by cold and even can help you breathe easy. In short, due to certain antioxidant present in red wine helps to prevent from common cold as well.

12)        Anti-carcinogenic:-

An anticarcinogen is also known as carcinopreventive agent. It is a substance that undermines the effects of a carcinogen or conquers the development of cancer. The most important benefit of red wine is that, it has anti-carcinogenic properties. In addition, it has the resveratrol antioxidant, which reduces the growth of enzymes that have the possibilities to create the growth of cancer cells. The antioxidant is also beneficial for minimizing the risk of breast cancer in women, as it reduces the chances of growth of cells.